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Product Description

 Mac offers a range of Geared Hub Motors for both front and rear wheel installation. The continuous rated output power and motor speed can be modified to customer requirements. Maximum continuous output power can be over 1000W which will produce around 50kph or 31mph max speed. Our lower speed motors will have lower continuous output power, but can still deliver high peak power when required for strong acceleration and hill climbing ability. The motor uses a 5:1 Epicyclic reduction gear system with freewheel and has double the number of motor poles compared to typical geared hub motors on the market. Our design offers excellent motor efficiency and torque over a wide speed range that you cannot obtain with a typical Direct-Drive motor. The design also allows the motor to be smaller and lighter than a direct drive motor of equivalent power.


1. High Efficiency and High Power Handling. 

2. Strong acceleration and excellent climbing ability.

3. Disc Brake compatible (front and rear, model specific), 7-speed freewheel, standard 135mm axle width for rear,       standard 100mm axle width for front.

4. Epicyclic Reduction Gear and High Pole Count motor system means more torque and power in a compact and lightweight package.

5. Clutch ensures effortless riding experience.

6. Long Life, Maintenance Free, replacement parts readily available with low cost and user serviceable if required.

7. Nice appearance

8. Conform to CE standard

Product Name
Mac Rear Hub Motor and Front Hub Motor 
Rated Power(W)
Rated Voltage(V)
Speed Range(rpm)
Gear Ratio
Rear  and front hub motor for electric bicycle,golf cart,ATV etc.
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Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : 1.Package size:484mmX384mmX274mm(four pieces per carton). 

                                     2.Package material: carton box with foam.

Delivery Details : 3-30 days(according to the quantity of order )

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MAC offers the best price-to-performance ratio in the market. We take pride in our products and back them up with good customer service. Our Engineering team is constantly working on developing and improving our products and we have a Western Sales Manager so there are absolutely no problems with communications in English. The Management team and Key Engineering members also have a good level of English, so doing with Business with us will be easy. We are located in Pudong, only about 45mins taxi from Pudong International Airport.

We are now seeking International Distributors for our Products. If you require good quality and high performance at a reasonable price I’m sure we can meet/exceed your requirements. If you want the cheapest and barely adequate products, we may not be the right choice for you.

Thanks !

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