Интеллектуальные пожарные гидранты с поддержкой IOT с поддержкой LoraWan

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Product Description

IOT Enabled Smart Fire Hydrants with LoraWan Connectivity
Model: TSM-01H (NB-IoT/LoRa/LoraWAN Communication)
Smart Fire Hydrant can work with Internet of Things (IOT) platform to realize remote monitoring and ensure the hydrants are running well.
With this smart fire hydrant, users can monitor, alarm and analyze all hydrants conditions in a large area in IOT platform set up in computer only. In case fault occurs in one of hydrants, users can be notified the fault location for repair in their computers and mobile phones.Therefore it can highly reduce the cost of labor and response time.
This Smart Fire Hydrant provides long distance signal transmission, low power consumption, low cost, easy installation and maintenance.

Our Advantages

◆Low power consumption with sleeping mode lower to 6μA
◆Support local (serial port)/BLE setting parameters
◆Collision and tilt warning information is reported in time
◆Networking automatic time checking and offline automatic connection
◆Alarm information of pressure upper limit, lower limit and dynamic change threshold are sent in time
◆Support different wireless communication method
◆Super large capacity lithium sub battery
◆IP65 protection

Product Paramenters

Pressure range
High-gain antenna
0.5% Customized
Long-term stability
Over pressure
Output Network
Lora/Lora WAN: 433/868/916 MHz please confirm the frequency band in your market
NB-IoT suit for Band3/Band5/Band8
5 digit reading value, 7 digit display
IP65, waterproof, dust-resistance
Power consumption
Sleep mode: <30uA ;Reporting - working mode: <42mA ;Detecting : 20~100mA
Battery 38000mAh 3.6V, one-time use  3~5 years if CSQ value is greater than 12,@1min collecting,@30min reporting interval 
Working environment
Operating temperature
Physical materials
Process thread
G1/2, M20*1.5mm Customized
Material of housing
Aluminum alloy
Device Size
210 * 100 * 63 (unit: mm)

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Installation Instructions

Contact us - monitor

Your inquiries would be responded in 1~2 hours.

1. Which Network transmission signals in fire hydrant installation place are available?

2. Environment temperature? 

3. Range of water pressure?

4. Accuracy ±0.5%FS is OK? or you have a different requirement

5. Is there AC power supply nearby?

6. Process interface M20*1.5? or you have a different requirement

7. Do your company have own platform software?

8. How many units you will need?

9. Your company name, address & post code, recipient name & mobile.

    So the international courier cost would also be checked for your plan.


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