Профессиональный передвижной стальной брусок, бетонная опалубка

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Professional movable steel beam bridge concrete formwork






* For any storey heights and slab thickness;
* Less material & labor cost compared with conventional scaffoldings;
* Can be totally handled by men for easy assembly without crane;
* Can choose shoring props or towers according to different loadings and heights;
* Much more material savings with early dismantling solution.



Main components

18mm/21mm brown film plywood;

H20 timber beam(EN);

Shoring prop - 10KN/20KN/30KN loading capacity with 2.5m to 5m open length, Hot dip galvanized;

Shoring tower bros - 35KN/60KN loading capacity with extreme height, Hot dip galvanized.

Totally customized solution according to different slab thickness and storey height.






























1. Consultancy

            Offer you a general idea about formwork & scaffolding.

2. Technical Planning

             Customized forming & shoring solution proposal according to your structural drawing by Auto-cad.

3. Logistics

             Fast to your site with proper packages & well organized loadings.

4. On-site supervision

             Shop drawing, assembly drawing, and even send our supervisor to your site for training and supervision.







1. Why Choose Us?

We are a more than 10 years professional manufacturer in formwork with high quality and competitive price.

2. What's your auto fastener guarantee?

Strictly complying with quality management systems of ISO 9001 and SGS. If you have any problems concerning quality, we will offer you a refund or a replacement.

3. How long is the date of delivery?

If inventory goods, we will delivery within 7 working days. For a customized order, within 20 days. 

We can make plan of everything needed according to the project's structural drawing in Automated format or blueprint. In the CAD design, it clearly shows how to install every item with exact quantity.




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