API 11AX подземный насос/нефтяной и газовый насос с присоской для нефтяного

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API 11AX subsurface pump/oil and gas subsurface sucker rod pump for oil production

Product Description

We can manufacture various non-standard pumps according to different customer requirements. Now the company provides 413(diameter105),425 (diameter108),475(diameter120),and 531(diameter135)large bore pumps. Among of them, Shengji specifically designed and manufactured 120 model anti-corrosion pump for Shell Company. This pump uses a spray metal plunger and the fitting uses special material. It takes heat treatment and has a good anti-corrosion property. The travelling valve cage of the pump features a hard liner, improved abrasion performance, tungsten carbide ball and seat also has high anti-corrosion performance. The standing valve is fishable, it is convenient to check the pump and save on time. The pump bore reaches 120.65mm, the max stoke length could is 9.2m and daily fluid production is approximately 151~452m3.

Key Feature

1.Rod pump can be pulled out from the well directly.

2.Well inspection and workover is convenient.

3.Reduce the cost of pumping test.

4.Suitable for deeper well.



Thin wall rod pump

Thick wall rod pump

Pump diameter (in)

1 1/4-2 1/2

1 1/4-2 1/2

Plunger length (ft)


Barrel length (ft)



Barrel: A1~A6, B1~B6, C1~C5, D1~D5, N1~N6

Plunger: B1~B3, C1~C3, D1~D3, E1~E3, F1~F3


Shengji oil and gas subsurface sucker rod pump Adaptive Capacity


No.Item Rod pumpTubing pump
Standing barrelTraveling barrel
Top anchorBottom anchor
1Pump radial& Displacement smallersmallersmallerlarge
2Whether Unloading nononoyes
5Inclined wellgoodgoodbadnormal
6Deep pumping capacitybadgoodbadbetter
7Stroke Lengthlonglongshortlong
8Check cyclelongershorterlongerlong
9Flow designgoodgoodworsebetter
10Fluid viscosity(cP)About 400About 400Less than400About 400
11Gas Compression ratiolargerlargersmallersmaller
12Liquid levellowlowerhigherhigher
13Anti-Sandiness betterworsegoodbetter
15Anti- corrosionnormalnormalnormalbetter
16Adapt to the bad environmentnormalnormalnormalbetter
Production Process







Quality Control


Patent Certificate




A.  X-ray flaw detection_

X-ray flaw detection equipment carry out the testing on the welding seam to guarantee the welding effect and insulating capability.


B.  Heat conductivity coefficient test



0.0137 s.