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Factory Supply Bulk Zinc Oxide Nano Particle


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Product Name

 Zinc Oxide Nano Particle

Molecular Formula




Cas No.



 White powder



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Application Area

.pngLarge specific surface area and stronger activity. Insen Nano zinc oxide can be used as functional additives such as vulcanization activators to improve the smoothness, wear resistance, mechanical strength and anti-aging performance indicators of rubber products, and extend the service life;
As a latex porcelain glaze and flux,Zinc Oxide Nano Particle can reduce the sintering temperature, improve gloss and flexibility, and has excellent performance;.png
.pngAs a kind of nano material, nano zinc oxide has the characteristics of high-efficiency biological activity, high absorption rate, strong antioxidant capacity, safety and stability. Substituting nano-zinc oxide for high-zinc in feed can not only solve the animal's demand for zinc, but also reduce environmental pollution.
The non-linear characteristics of Zinc Oxide Nano Particle varistor enable it to play the role of overvoltage protection, lightning resistance, and instantaneous pulse. It has become the most widely used varistor material..png
.pngNano-zinc oxide has good UV shielding and superior antibacterial and antibacterial properties. When added to the fabric, it can give the fabric the functions of sun protection, antibacterial, and deodorization;

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