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Product Description

Fused silica is an amorphous (glassy state) of silicon oxide (quartz, silica). It is a typical glass with a long-range atomic structure. It provides its high temperature of use and low coefficient of thermal expansion through cross-linking of three-dimensional structures.

The use of fused silica in the use of precision casting shells in foreign developed countries such as the United States and the use of Japan continue to increase year by year, especially in the surface layer of silica sol shells have a very effective effect, in the same Zirconium materials have made great breakthroughs in the use and price ratio, and are currently the ideal engineering application materials.

Fused silica is produced by melting natural high-purity silica in an electric furnace at a temperature higher than 1760 ° C, followed by rapid cooling. This process converts crystalline silica into an amorphous glass melt.

The melting temperature of fused silica is about 1713 ° C, the thermal conductivity is low, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is almost the smallest among all refractories, so it has extremely high thermal shock stability. Therefore, in the roasting and casting process, the fused silica shell rarely ruptures due to temperature drastic changes, and is an ideal refractory material for investment casting, which can be used as a refractory material for a surface layer or a back layer coating, and a sanding material.

Fused silica will partially or comprehensively improve the performance of the shell. The thermal expansion coefficient of fused silica is small, which is beneficial to prevent cracking and deformation of the shell during dewaxing and roasting, which is beneficial to ensure the dimensional stability of the casting. The purity of the fused silica is high, the stability of the coating is good, and the high temperature creep resistance of the shell is improved.

When the temperature of fused silica is low, the thermal conductivity is poor, and the heat capacity is small, which is only half of that of zircon sand. Most of the molten metal has poor wettability, which makes the gap between the solidified layer of the metal and the inner surface of the shell easy to generate heat. The conductivity is further reduced, which is beneficial to the filling of thin wall castings. At high temperatures, fused silica has a high transparency and can transmit heat through radiation, so that its thermal conductivity exceeds that of aluminum silicate-based shells. The castings are cooled faster and it is easier to obtain a sound casting.

When the casting is cooled, the cristobalite changes from a high temperature type to a low temperature type, and the volume suddenly changes, causing numerous cracks in the shell, and the strength drops sharply, which is favorable for shelling. The fused silica is acidic, and the shell can be removed by chemical sand cleaning such as alkali boiling or alkali explosion.

Product Name
Fused Quartz Silica For Precision Casting Glass Production
Colorless transparent block/ granule or white powder
6.0 mohs scale
PH Value
Melting Temperature
Specific Gravity
2.21 g/cm3
Ash Powder Rate
Products Show
Fused silica is generally used as the main raw material for refractory materials, ceramic raw materials and glass raw materials, epoxy resin casting, electronic sealing materials, electric light source, medical, casting, etc., and is also an ideal filler for chemical industries such as paints and coatings.

1. The price of fused silica is lower than that of zircon, and the density is much lower than that of zircon. Therefore, replacing the zircon with fused silica can reduce the cost of shelling.

2. The fused silica raw material is selected, and then remelted by arc, and the cristobalite is removed, so the impurities are small and the purity is high. Therefore, the stability of the coating slurry has never been a problem. It has been proven that the stability of fused silica-silica sol coatings can usually be as long as more than one year.

3. High-temperature crystallization and low-temperature phase transformation make the surface of the casting easy to clean.

Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : 25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag or pallet. 

                           1000kg (2200lb)/jumbo bag or as requirement                       

Delivery Details :  3-25 days after payment according to your order quantities

                        25kg packing
                        Jumbo packing
                          Pallet packing
Our Company

Established in 2009, GONGYI TONTEN ABRASIVE CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter for followings:
-Abrasive Material (corundum/ fused alumina, garnet, copper slag, silicon carbide, dustless or soft sandblasting media, etc.)
-Refractory Material (refractory brick/ball, castable material,bubble alumina,cenosphere, silicon carbide, etc.)
-Foundry Material (ceramsite, silica sand, lost foam/ V-Process casting coating, cast molding repair Paste, etc.)
-Filter Material (silica sand, ceramsite, ceramic sand, walnut shell, garnet, PAC, etc.)
-Chemical Products (Synthetic Cryolite, PAC, Alumina Oxide, fused silica etc.)
-Wear resistant Products (Grinding balls, crusher wearing parts, etc.)

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Customer Photo

Overseas friends from India

Shymal and his workmate visited our black fused alumina workshop, they speak highly of our product quality.

Keyword: fused alumina, 

Regular Size: 24#, 30#, 36#, 60#, 80# , etc.

Application: abrasive belt, grinding wheel, sandblasting, paint or rust removal, refractory field.

Overseas friends from Turkey

Turkey friends from Ceramic Tile Company visit us for white fused alumina contract.

Keyword: white fused alumina

Regular Size: 16#, 40#, 100#, 120#, 180#, etc.

Application: abrasive belt, grinding wheel, polishing, etching, ceramic tiles, etc.

Overseas friends from South Africa

Africa friends came to our warehouse for silica sand inspection before shipment.

Keyword: silica sand for oil filteration

Regular Size: 0.5mm~325mesh

Application: construction, sandblasting, oil &gas, foundry, chemical, rubber, etc.

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