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EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer), it is classified into closed-cell foam and open-cell foam.


NameEPDM FoamCompression Set(%)<=3
StateClose-cell & Open-cellCertificationRoHS,SVHC,EN71,ISO/TS16949
OdourSlight plastic tasteMOQIt depends
ColourBlack,White,Grey,Red,PinkPortShanghai or ...
Density(Kg/m3)90-750Useful Life7-10years
Hardness(Shore C)5-65 +/-5 Product Performance  heat preservation,anti-seismic,anti-static,anti-aging,anti-compression,heat insulation,shockproof,sound absorption,sealing,flame retardant. 
Temperature Resistance(Cold Crack to High Intermittent)(C)             -45-200
Tensile Strength(Kpa)>=500
Elongation(%)>=250 Application  HAVC,air-conditioning,automotive,bulding,railway,marine industry,construction,instrumention,electronics, 
Water Absorption(kn/m)




EPDM Foam's Characteristic:

For EPDM Closed-cell

  • Light and good tear strength
  • Low co-efficiency of thermal conductivity
  • Hight-Performance of water absorption
  • Due to good cushioning,it can be used as shock absorbing materials
  • Excellent weather-resistance.EPDM model sponge showed no change under the Ozon Resistance Test(50pphmx38℃,20% expansion for 72hrs)

For EPDM Open-cell

  • It is deformed easily by slight force,it recovers slowly when the presure is released.
  • Good tear resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance and ozon resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good water sealing property.


Technological Process

  • Intelligent Horizontal Cutting Machine→Specificate Testing→Confirm→Gumming Machine(Professional Equipment)→Initial Adhesion Testing(Testing Equipment)→Constant Adhesion Testing(Tesing Equipment)→Length,Width,Size,Judge(Cutting Machine For Rubber Belts)→Or Punching(Punching All Kinds Of Profile Gasket)→Dimensional Inspection→Silent Dust→Packing(Customer Request)→Shipment






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