Экологичная Водонепроницаемая пищевая пленка из пчелиного воска, пищевая пленка из пчелиного воска

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Описание и отзывы


Eco- friendly Waterproof Beeswax Food Wrap Bees Wax Food Wrap



GOTS Certified Cotton Fabric/REAL Beeswax& Others 


Standard Printed/ Solid Patterns    Custom Pattern Accepted



Standard: 7*8 10*11 12*14 inches/ Customized




1-2 days


Cleaning Method

Gently wash in cool water Wipe over with a cold or warm soapy cloth)  


150-250 times(Depands on frequency)


Hi there!  Thanks for visit our new store!


Please check our photos& videos, all REAL by ourselves, we are a professional organic beeswax food wraps manufacturer!


ALL photos 100% sure taken by ourselves, not like others fake supplier WHO stolen and copy our& others famous brand products(Abeego, bee's wrap, Landimark. AU)


Difference betweens Us and Others Fake Seller

Ours: Fast Respone& Real sample show(Ourself products)

Fakers(Stolen others photos):  No real shows, only fake photos, no price(Unreasonable price). Or delaying time for a variety of reasons


What we are offering: Fast & professional respone, excellent English& Spanish communication service, fast and reliable delivery time.(Real and professional could offered)


Hope you could make your wise decisions!

Product Description


1: “Mysterious” Pattern Real Sample Show

Beeswax Wraps Size: We only show 2 pcs Medium & 1 pcs Large for reference!

Custom size available!


Remark: All of our wraps are made of Certified organic cotton fabric, and our wraps got certification approved!





2: Wrapping glassware show, tightly sealed!

Not like fakers wrap's wax falling apart




Our wraps can even seal your milk freshing for 3 days!



3: What's our wrap benifit?

Not only will you be using natural ways to keep your food but you will be making an impact in a good way for the environment !


Sealed tight!




4: Moisture& Sustainable

Our wraps(Biquetu) got 6 different viscosity and that keep our wraps attach tight to glassware/BPA/Food, Fruit surface.

Sealed perfect makes your stuffs always sustainable and fresh!


Waterproof and washable show





#1: You keep saying your product is great, how to proof that?

Hi there, sample service is available for you to check our quality in person, please contact us for more details!


#2: How many years have you been in this beeswax field?


Almost 3 years from mid 2015, our forward major client is based on CA(You know who they are)


#3: You said you have cooperated with others in beeswax wrap for such long, but can you explain why your Alibaba shop is just established in 2018, how could i trust you???


Good question, man/maam!!! Actually we are a big company specialized in Special coating fabric, and thats the reason why other wraps company ask us to do the OEM beeswax for them.  And this year we have build up a individual office& Alibaba store to in charging the beeswax wraps selling, thats make us more professional and efficient! 


#4: Okay, that make sense, so what‘s the advantage of yours if we choose you?

Thanks for trusting! Here are the advantages we could offered:


A: Professional communication service

B: Professional viscosity options

C: Professional background wax

D: Customized patterns & stocked patterns

E: Resonable pricing with customized service

........etc, please conatct usfor more details!








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