Высококачественная керамическая веревочная помпа, Механическая Керамическая упаковка         

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Product Description

High quality ceramic rope pump seal mechanical

ceramic ropeceramic ropeceramic ropeceramic ropeceramic ropeceramic rope

Widely used in water, steam, air, oil and other high temperature neutral medium.

Product Detail

color white
Density 500~650 Kg/m
Reinforcement Stainless Steel Wire Or Glass Fiber
Package Customised
Product Keywords ceramic rope,ceramic pump seal,ceramic mechanical seal


It includes three styles: twisted, round braided and square braided. All are made of our high quality ceramic fiber yarns. They can be used for high temperature applications up to 1000° C. The rope is reinforced with fiberglass filament, and optional stainless steel wire. It contains a certain amount of binder material which is normally burned at lower temperature and does not affect the insulation property.


-Braided by high quality ceramic fiber, 

-High strength, 

-High temperature resistant, 

-Low density, 

-Low coefficient of thermal conductivity, 

-Excellent insulation and non combustion.



Ref. No.


Temp. resistance (C degree)

Diameter (mm)

Braiding way

Ceramic  fiber packing


Glass   filament


5   up to 100

2   or 4 tracks

CBR   -102S

Glass   filament+s.s.wire


5   up to 100

2   or 4 tracks

Ceramic fiber twist rope


Glass   filament


5   up to 100

2   or 4 tracks


Glass   filament+s.s.wire


5   up to 100

2   or 4 tracks


    Widely used in water, steam, air, oil and other high temperature neutral medium.

    Used for pipe insulation fire,static seal for containers, heater, manhole, furnace mouth and high temperature flange etc.

    This kind of packing is the most ideal product to replace traditional asbestos gasket.The perfect material is for door seals or caulking for ovens, furnaces and boilers, expansion joints, cable or pipe wrapping, high temperature seals or gaskets. These products have been widely used in welding, foundry works, aluminum and steel mills, boiler insulation and seal, exhaust systems, shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants. They are also used as the core in tadpole gaskets. The three different styles are designed to fit different application needs: twisted rope is a soft rope, while square and round braid are more dense and solid.



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