Умная переключаемая стеклянная пленка с проекцией из фольги для ванной

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Bathroom Foil Projection Smart Switchable Privacy Glass Film

Product Description

1. Product Description
Smart switchable film is a product that is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power. Due to moisture sensitivity, earlier versions of the film were used only to make smart glass by lamination on glass. With continual improvement in moisture resistance, the new (3rd) generation of the film can be directly installed on existing windows with special glue or self-adhesive. It combines many functions, such as light adjustment, UV and infrared blocking, advertising and protecting privacy.

2.Product Function
1) Privacy Protection :
The biggest function of Our pdlc film is privacy protection,which can control the glass between transparent and opaque.It can protect your privacy by our smart film.

2) Projection Screem:
Our Pdlc film can be used as a good projection screen, in appropriate light environment, if choose high lumen projector, the image of projection effect is very clear(suggest use rear projection mode).

3) Safety Protection
Our pdlc film thickness is about 0.36mm. When installed on your glass window,It can adhensive your window closely, when the window are broken.The film can avoid the window glass flying around and hurt others,

4) Environmental Protection:
Our PDLC film attached on the surface of glass,which can resist heat over 98% UV and over 95% infrared ray. In order to reduce thermal radiation, it requires shielding partial infrared ray. While if shielding UV can protect indoor furnishings not fade, aging and so on, and protect people against the disease by ultraviolet radiation.


FILM Color
1800mm*3660mm in maximum
Any shape,including holes anywhere
Shield any image 3 cm away from the other side of the glass

-20°C to 60°C
-10°C to 50°C

Driving voltage
65±5 volts AC
less than 20 mA/ft2(215 mA/m²)
less than 0.5watt/ft2(5 watt/m²)

Response time
Response time

Visible Light Transmission
View angle
Scattering effectiveness
Approx.1 inch
Solar Heat Gain
Coefficient off-state <0.10
On-state 0.40-0.60

Great than 10 years (indoors)(when used,installed,and stored properly per the usage,storage and installation specifications referenced herein)

The thing that can make the flm switch between transperency and opacity is PDLC working as a display medium with two soft ITO layers when connected to AC power.

Product Application

1)Electric Curtain
Environmental and energy-saving for green building material. It uses transparent or haze temperature control film,makes the smart film a haze state when the indoor temperature is high, when the light reduces, the smart film is in a translucent state;when the light is weak, the smart film is in a transparent state.

2)Projection Screen
Smart film can be used as a switchable projection screen on a store window for advertising. 3G smart film is good for both front and rear projection and projected images can be viewed from both sides.

3)Multi Function
· Combines touch IR and control by voice commands and the product to give customers more choice.
· Combines full color LED tube
· Combines laser membrane and many translucent printing membranes.
· Combines the projector, effect of suspended particulate as transparent state.
· Combines multiple movies and advertise to appear in transparent glass.
· Combines with control system; upon all function can be used with smart film.
· Combining all kinds of patterns to show their characteristics.

Product Wiring Instruction
1. Use a 2 pin 220V plug from the socket, and then connect its N and L cables to transformer terminal-Power outlet(Input AC 220V),and usa screw to fix it.
2. Use to connect the transformer terminal (output AC 60V) to smart film electric wire and use screw to fix it.
3. Use remote control to power on the smart film (normally just leave it aside)

Feedbacks from our customers

We have many customers purchasing smart films from us, Europe, North America , Middle East ,North Africa, Thailand, Philippines,Singapore ect.....
In last year, We exported 20 million sqm smart film all over the world.
If you are interested in our products or want free samples,please feel free to send us an inquiry

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Packing & Delivery


Q1:Are you factory?
A:Yes.to visit our factory.

Q2:How can I get your glass quotation?
A:Please tell me the thickness, size, color, quantities, whether need to further process and other detailed requirements etc.

Q3:Can you do the production as customized?
A:Yes, we could produce the glass according to your requirements.

Q4:How do you make our goods arrived safely?
A:1. Interlay powder or paper between two sheets.2. Seaworthy wooden crates.3. Iron or Plastic belt for consolidation.

Q5:What is the transportation?
A:Small suggest to send by Courier, If large amount,by shipping. You can also use air freight.

Q6:Do you provide sample? Is it free or extra?
A:Yes, we can provide the samples . All the sample cost will be refunded after you place the order.

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