HOLTOP Foor Тип 300 cmh система вентиляции без каналов HRV

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 forest ERV floor
HOLTOP Foor type 300 cmh ductless HRV ERV fresh air heat energy recovery ventilation system 
Product Description

Energy recovery ventilation is the optimal way to enhanced in door air quality IAQ and save energy. HOLTOP floor standing ductless type ERV is outstanding for its convenient installation, high temperature recovery efficiency and high pm2.5 purification design. 

floor ERV c 500

Specification of Model ERVQ - L300 - 1A1F

ModelERVQ - L300 - 1A1F
Airflow (m3/h)300
Filtration euiciency (%)99 % / HEPA
Filtration mode

Pm2.5 purify / Deep purify / 

Ultra purify

SpeedDC / 8 speed
Input power (W)70
Temperture euiciency (%)0.82
Noise dB(A)25 - 36
ControlTouch screen panel / Remote control
Air quality displayPM2.5 / Temp & R.H
Operational ModeManual / Auto / Timer
Suitable room size (m2)50 - 120
Dimension (mm)560*410*1580
Weight (kg)55


Working Principle of Energy Recovery Ventilation System

It can expel the stale air indoor out of room, meanwhile supplying the fresh air outside into the room, by using the advanced heat/energy recovering technology, the energy can exchange taking advantage of the difference of the temperature and humidity between indoor and outdoor air. By this means, it can not only solve indoor pollution problem, but also save energy.


ductless heat recovery ventilator

Features of crossflow plate fin total heat exchanger.ductless floor standing heat energy recovery ventilator system

1. Made by third generation E.R. paper
2. Structured with flat plates and corrugated plates.
3. Two air streams flow crossly.
4. Fire retardant and mold resistance, certified by national authority.
5. Total heat recovery efficiency up to 85%.

 air freshener heat recovery ventilator

Holtop DC motors for wall mounted heat energy recovery ventilator

- High efficiency, energy saving by 20-60%
- Good liability and stability
- Easy maintenance
- Longer service life
- Strong vibration resistance with lower noise and smooth   operation
- Superior torque performance, big starting torque with less starting current

 BLDC motor


 Multiple filtration for more defenseductless heat recovery ventilator

Touch screen control and remote control for wall mounted heat energy recovery ventilator


air freshener heat recovery ventilatorvertical air supply

Installation of HOLTOP  wall mounted heat energy recovery ventilator


floor application
Buyer Installation Case:
Company Information

Holtop Factory

Holtop is one of the best manufacturer in ERV/HRV, heat exchanger and AHU area in China, founded in 2002, areas covered more than 30,000 square meters, turnover of 2012 is 42 million dollars, we have enthalpy testing lab. for products test. As a leader in energy/heat recovery equipments, we cooperate with more than 30 famous companies who located in Europe, the Middle east, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc. supplied equipment to Beijing Olympic and Shanghai Expo 2010, works together with domestic and international brands like Midea, Haier, Hitachi, etc.

air freshener heat recovery ventilator


Holtop partner

Holtop cooperate with world famous brand or offer OEM service including Hitachi, LG, McQuay, TRANE, Systemair, Aldes, York, Haier, Gree, MHI Group, Midea, Carrier, Dunham-Bush, etc.

the heat recovery ventilator partner

Holtop products stand for TOP quality in heat recovery ventilation filed in China, certificated by CE, Eurovent, ISO and other different approved tests like anti-flaming test, anti-mold test, energy saving product test. Etc.


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