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Thick Fermented Auxis Shavings



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_03.jpg1.When you extract “dashi” from these shavings, an elegant aroma will first hang in the air.

2.When you take a sip of the transparent dashi, you will experience the richness and umami spreading throughout your mouth.

3.Your cuisine will certainly earn a good reputation.


Thick Fermented Auxis Shavings(karesodabushi-atsukezuribushi)

Fermented frigate mackerel flakes especially selected for dashi.
The Fermented frigate mackerel flakes are grilled with far infrared rays and then shaved to bring out their umami flavor.
When you have dashi with these Fermented frigate mackerel flakes, a refined aroma will waft from the transparent, beautiful soup and you will feel the mild umami flavor of Fermented frigate mackerel.
They can be used to make a thick dashi stock. With only one sip the flavor will spread through your mouth.
They are suitable for richly flavored dishes such as stews and soba noodles because of the rich stock that can be made with them.


Corporate Philosophy: Garnishing the world with dried bonito 
Business/Services: Commercial dried bonito flakes, liquid soup stock, dried ingredients, soup stock packs 
Customers: Food product manufacturers, the food service industry, food trading companies

We supply products to over 200 business customers from across Japan. 
We have the ability to source ingredients from anywhere in Japan. We can also procure bonito from overseas, primarily from the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition to dried bonito, the ingredients we carry include dried, smoked mackerel; dried sardines; dried mackerel scad; and dried young bluefin tuna. You can specify ingredients in accordance with what you will be using them for. 
It is possible to place an order for the specific products that suit your purposes, from bonito flakes for soup stock, to bonito flakes that can be sprinkled over dishes. As for liquid stocks, in addition to soup stocks that emphasize the natural flavors of their ingredients, we can also produce mentsuyu (dipping sauces for noodles). 
All of our products can be made-to-order, with everything from the selection of ingredients to the manufacturing method tailored to the needs of the customer. 
With regard to hygiene, our production line incorporates the HACCP and FSSC systems. We supply products that can be used with peace of mind.

Manufacturing Capacity

Dried bonito flakes 
(Thinly shaved) 
Production capacity: 4 tons/day 
Cutting machines for thinly shaved dried bonito: 37 
For use in: Soup stock, tsukudani (seafood, meat, or seaweed cooked in soy sauce), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style savory pancakes), takoyaki (fried octopus dumplings), etc. 
Production Technique Thickness of shavings: Approx. 0.02 mm - 0.3 mm

(Thickly shaved) 
Production capacity: 2 tons/day 
Cutting machines for thickly shaved dried bonito: 4 
For use in: Soup stock 
Production Technique Thickness of shavings: Approx. 0.3 mm - 1.2 mm

(Coarsely ground) 
Production capacity: 4 tons/day Hammer crusher 
For use in: Soup stock 
Production Technique Ground to 4 mm - 8 mm 

Production capacity: 1 ton/day Pin mill 
For use in: Soup stock, kneading 

Liquid stock 
Production capacity: 1.5 tons/day 
For use in: Soup stock, seasoned soup stock 
Packaging Formats Crimped can (refrigerated) Aluminum pouch (room temperature)

Dried Ingredients 
Production capacity: 1.5 tons/day 27-meter large single-stage band dryer 
For use in: Seasoning powders, dried seasoning ingredients for soup stock packs


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