• Собственная торговая марка yoni, травы для ванны, 100% китайские натуральные травы, 50 г, вагинальный пар yoni
  • Собственная торговая марка yoni, травы для ванны, 100% китайские натуральные травы, 50 г, вагинальный пар yoni

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    Product Description

     Private label yoni bath herbs 100% chinese natural herbal 50g vaginal steam yoni steam

    yoni steam.jpg

    Net Weight: 50g(2oz)/bag or customized weight according to customer requirements

    Ingredients: more than 30 kinds natural herbals
    Using solvent
    : Warm water

    Dosage: one bag each time, 1-2 bag per week for women's health care.

    Package: 1bag/White foil bag

    Custom packaging can be offered, we have helped hundreds of customers build their brand of Yoni Steam in their country, Amazon, eBay, etc.yoni steam

    Different bag colors

    bag color.jpg

    yoni steam_.jpg

     yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam 

    Detailed Images

    yoni steam


     yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam

    vaginal steam


    vaginal steam


    Don't Worry! Yoni Steam can help you!

    Applicable symptoms:

    Odor, itching, excessive vaginal discharge, gynecological inflammation, menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders, etc.


    Detoxification and beauty,  uterine maintenance, ovarian maintenance, menstrual conditioning, endocrine regulation.Daily Care, Maintenance and Conditioning before and after Menstrual period.

      yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam 


    1, Only external use

    Not applicable situation: during women’s pregnancy and menstruation, the one who has suffered Hypertension, heart disease, excessive hunger, over exertion.

    2, Please pay attention to prevent burns when steaming.All tools should be firm and secure, the heat source should be reasonable, and the medicine should not touch the skin.

    3, Do not use for the one who are allergic to Chinese traditional medicine and plants. Pregnant women and Children should not to use(This product can not be used as drugs).For Older and weaker man,the Fumigation time should not be too long.When fumigation, family members are required to accompany.

    4, Fumigation bath equipment should be disinfected.

    5, During the treatment,food intake such as spicy, greasy and sweet should be properly controlled.

    6, One-time use, can not be reused.

    If you feel unwell during use, stop immediately.

    Product Uses

      yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam vaginal steam

    1. It can be used for bathing, steaming, sweating, taking a bath, etc.
    2. Steaming,2-3days use once,each once use 1bag, 10bags as a treatment
    3. Tubbing, 1day use once,and each once use 1bag, 10bags as a treatment
    4. Put the steam bag into hot water for 10 minutes, and squeeze the bag.
    5. Pour the steam water into the basin,sit on it for 10 to 20 minutes while the water is warm, then sit wash for 10 minutes.

    After a week of childbirth,can use clean vagina,after a month when lochia is clean,can steaming and tubbing.
    Suitable for all kinds of Fumigation instrument, Fumigation bed, Fumigation barrels, Bidet.

     yoni steam yoni ste yoni steam yoni

    Buyer Feedback

    vaginal steam

    Packaging & Shipping

      yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam 

    Furuize Packing, you can buy directly!

    photobank (1).jpg

    vaginal steam

    Shipping Time:

    Air transportation3-7days
    Company Information
    Xi’an Furuize Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. We are the leading brand of health  care industry, based on traditional Chinese medicine, is committed to providing customers with the best products and services. We have independent R. & D. Our registered brands including FURUIZE®”,“QGW®”,“Fuyanjing®”,“chumei®”, “meirendan®”. So far our products have been exported to more than 30 countries.

    Our goal is to Focus on Women's Health.
    Our vision is create health for women all over the world. 



      yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam yoni steam 

    1.What's your MOQ?

    Our MOQ is 10bags.


    2.Can i get the sample?

    Yes,we can send you the free sample after received the shipping cost(or you have forwarder,we can send to your forwarder).


    3.Can you accept customized?

    Yes,we can according your require to do it.


    4.What's your payment term?

    We support Paypal,Western Union,T/T,Credit Card and so on.


    5.Does there any side effects

    There all are Chinese Herb Ingredients,don't have side effects.


    6.How do i place the order?

    Don't worry, we are the gold supplier on Alibaba,and support Trade Assurance,after confirm the details, we will send you the payment link.


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