Оптовая поставка ликера de Hierbas 30%, ликер зеленого цвета, изготовленный из трав

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 Bulk Supply of Liqueur de Hierbas 30% Green Color Liqueur made from Herbs  


"It's the brand Roixo which produces the Licor de Hierbas, a herbal liqueur from Spain with 30% of alcohol strength. Before serving a shot of Hierbas, remember to cool it in order to enjoy a really refreshing experience. Available in 700ml glass bottles."


From our 70 years old privately-owned distillery we offer high quality alcoholic beverage products. We produce a wide variety of products ranging from brandy’s, vodkas, gins, rums and whisky’s, too more specialized products such as absinthes, pastis, flavored liqueurs and triple distilled vodka.


Our high quality and competitive priced products are exported to markets and territories which include Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We work closely together with our distributors who distribute our products to all on- and off trade channels. Capacity wise we can fulfill small, large and bulk orders in serious monthly container volumes. 


With a product portfolio of over 60 different products we serve all major product categories. Next to our own spirit brands we offer private label solutions, special product requests and customized packaging, labeling and bottle solutions. We offer products ranging from 350ml flask bottles up to regular 700ml, 750ml. 1 liter and larger 2 liter bottles.


Contact us to discuss distribution possibilities and to receive product and price information.

Roixo Licor de Hierbas
Product type Liqueur
Alcohol Content30%
Shelf lifeUnlimited
Primary IngredientHerbs


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Obrascon’s trade group founded in 2009, is a global enterprise with an international group of experts, brokers, industry professionals and suppliers.


Active in global markets and industries that include luxury food products, tobacco products, energy and soft drinks, mineral waters, private label beer and mineral water brands, branded beer products, wines, champagnes, and a wide variety of branded and non-branded alcoholic beverages. We offer high-end services, such as: purchase and sale negotiations, go to market support, marketing, export, import, outsourcing solutions and distribution of products across borders.

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