Lager Heineken Beer 24 X 330ml 250ml Can / Bottle for Sale

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Brewed in the Netherlands since 1873, Heineken is now the world’s number one premium beer and a true beer of the world. Made in the purest way - from water, malted barley and hops - Heineken is lovingly brewed over a seven-week period; 100% pilsner malts are carefully blended with the finest European hops, and the famous ‘A’ yeast, giving Heineken its truly distinctive yet mild flavour. Heineken is proudly brewed under licence by DB Breweries at our Waitemata Brewery in Auckland.


Heineken: Water, malted barley, hop extract
Heineken Light: Water, malted barley, hops, hop extract.




Heineken Beer





Shelf Life


24 Months 




250ml, 330ml & 500ml


Product Origin


Netherlands/ Romania




Heineken: Water, malted barley, hop extract
Heineken Light: Water, malted barley, hops, hop extract

Alchohol Content


2.8%, 5%




93kj / 100ml








Total Carbs

1.9g / 100ml


Packaging 1#   


Heineken beer 24x250ml bottles. 1x40ft. fcl =  26 pallets x 91 cartons x 24 cans of 250ml. standard load of 2366 cases per 40ft. dry container


Packaging 1#              


Heineken beer 24x330ml bottles. 22 pallets x 84 cartons x 24bottles of 330ml. maximum load of 1848 cartons per 40ft. dry container. 





Packaging 3#:


Heineken beer 24x500ml cans. 20 pallets x 90 trays x 24 cans of 500ml. maximum load of 1800 cases per 40ft. dry container.












Exporting Continents


Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia.



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