Рекламная функциональность печени-таблетки без глютена-Сделано в Италии Силимарин из расторопши, пищевая добавка

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Product Description

Food supplement of Sylibum Marianum, with high titer in Sylimarin, and Turmeric, useful to promote the proper function of the liver in all cases of liver tropism disorders.



EPATOril Plus

High dosage of Silybum Marianum (400 mg) providing high content in Silymarin (titration 80%)

Innovative and high bioavailable formulation of phytosomal Turmeric (Meriva®)

A synergy of hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory principles to support liver functions


Milk thistle fruit (tit.80%)
400 MG
320 MG
Meriva®-phospholipid Turmeric rhizome
100 MG

Raw Materials

Food supplement of Cardo Mariano and phytosomal Curcuma (Meriva) for a correct function of the liver.

How to use

We recommend taking 1 tablet a day or as prescribed by a doctor.

Our Company

Deltha Pharma was born with the idea of exploiting the latest technological progress, to offer the best of nature at the service of man.

This is why our natural food supplements have unique characteristics: innovative raw materials obtained with new technologies, titrated and standardized; dosages of active ingredients significantly higher than the average of the reference market, combined with the absence of the side effects typical of pharmacological treatments.


In the early 2000s a team of doctors, university researchers and pharmacists began research in the field of natural medicine and nutraceutical, beacause of the increasing attention of doctors and patients about products that were not chemical synthesized and therefore lowered the risks of side effects.
After years of study, in 2009, Deltha Pharma was born in Rome, with a list of seven products that combine the benefits of the absence of side effects of exclusively natural active ingredients with proven therapeutic effectiveness.
Today we have 12 products on the market, some of them leaders in the sector of reference and we are present throughout the country, serving more than a thousand pharmaceutical wholesalers, cooperatives and pharmacies throughout the country.
Since 2018 we have opened up to the international market and we have already established partners in many states of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Quality – Safety – Effectiveness

The strength of Deltha Pharma is the quality of the products, thanks to which safety and efficacy are obtained.
The company has been led by a young chemical engineer, Eng Maria Francesca Aceti, for 10 years and her motto is quality, safety and effectiveness.
She is the leader of a young and dynamic team, composed of different professional figures, engaged in the continuous research of new raw materials and in the development of natural products that guarantee the highest levels of quality, safety and efficacy, respecting ethical and moral principles.
The raw materials are all exclusively taken in Italy by companies certified for quality.
The extraction of the active ingredients is carried out with innovative techniques that maintain the molecular structures unaltered.

All production batches are subject to strict controls and tested for allergens, bacteria and fungi by other companies. The production of the finished product is carried out in our factory located in Frosinone, certified GMP and HACCP, according to standardized and pre-established procedures, carrying out all the quality controls that are regularly certified by competent personnel.
In Italy, Deltha Pharma works in partnership with universities and research centers for the formulation and validation of products and is affiliated with the most important company in its category, Federsalus.
The updating and continuous education of the doctor is constantly promoted, taking part in most of the medical congresses and conventions of the reference sectors.


The products are presented to doctors and physicians by a network of scientific salesagent with proven experience and high skills throughout the country.
All the communication proposed to the doctors is validated by a committee of university consultants and professors who verify the correctness and clarity of the exposition and that support the marketing of the products through an activity of clinical studies performed at the most accredited public and private health facilities.

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