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About us

The quality with history


We grow and supply to customers a wide range of the high-quality fish products. All process of production from getting healthy fish spawn to packing end products occurs in one production complex. The combination of traditions and modern technologies provides the highest quality and excellent taste of our product.

We grow our fish in cages on the Volga River. It is natural habitat of sturgeon, which guarantees the constant quality of caviar and fish delicacies. Every year we deliver more than 6 tons of sturgeon caviar all over the world. After careful research of our products in the laboratories of the Research and Development Institute of Chemical Industry of the Russian Federation our company was chosen to be a regular supplier of caviar and fish to the storage facilities of Rosrezerv.

Our advantages

- high quality product. We comply with international production standards HACCP (ISO 22000-2007).

- product is completely legal and allowed for sale

- we have CITES permission for caviar export, the governments of China and Korea approve our company as sturgeon caviar supplier

- worldwide delivery in 3 days in accordance with transportation rules and conditions

- competitive prices and favorable terms for our partners.

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