Мусорный картон и бумага

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Product Description

Detailed information about the product

 waste cardboard and paper for further processing; pressed paper pack – weight 800-1100 kg, size 1.7x1.25x1.10 m; container (40ft) accommodates 28-32 paper packs; production place – Russia, Primorsky krai, Vladivostok.

Package: product is pressed into paper packs, packs are wrapped in metal wire.

Certification: not required.

Specific information for the customer: humidity level for storage and transportation – no more than 3%

Production process

The company with its own resources collects waste paper from sale stores (shops, markets, trading bases, warehouses) and brings waste paper to the production area. Suppliers themselves are also delivering waste paper to the production area of the company. 

Next, there are unloading and sorting. 

Next, waste paper moves by the escalator for pressing to paper packs and windings it with metal wire. Pressed paper packs are moved by the loading machine to the warehouse of finished products. Transport company sends container trucks at the designated time. 

Paper packs are loaded into a container after weighing on the specific platform. 

 After filling the container, the truck takes the container to the port for further loading onto the vessel.

Commercial offer for potential partners for this type of product, minimum volume, production capacity:

- minimal product volume for sale (shipment) – 100 tons;

- minimal shipment price – 17000,00 USD (170 USD/ 1 ton);

- maximal shipments volume – 1000 tons per month.

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Packing & Delivery

Shipment delivery carried out by sea from the port of Vladivostok in the destination of the buyer. Average delivery time is 2 weeks.

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