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Product Description

Expanded perlite.

Our company Asimport owns volcanic ash open-pit mine (650 sq m own quarry).

Asimport produces 3 products from volcanic ash.

 Expanded perlite

 Glass microspheres

 Foam glass

These products are widely used in the production of various plastic products and composite materials.

Product benefits:

 service life up to 100 years;

 resistance to erosion;

 Easily processed;

 resistance to fungus and mildew effects;

 Durable, solid;

 static size (plate made of foam glass sizes remain under the influence of external factors due to the internal structure of the material);

 resistance to chemical and biological effects;

 resistance to fire (melting begins when the temperature exceeds 1000 ° C);

 moisture resistance;

 environmental safety;

 insulation (up to 51 dB)

In the construction industry, perlite is used for the production of dry building mixtures as a filler, building materials (slabs, blocks), and also has an independent significance as a bedrock sound insulator and insulation Expanded perlite is also called agroperlite - it is widely used in plant growing. Its especially important qualities include moisture and air consumption, neutral pH, low thermal conductivity and unlimited shelf life.

Expanded perlite is widely used in many industries, the scope of application is determined by the fraction (granule size), the most common are three:

• Fraction 0-0,16 mm - filtroperlit.

• Fraction 0,16-1,25 mm - building perlite.

• Fraction 1.25-5 mm - agroperlite.

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