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Product Description

AOVA Abalone Collagen Drink (Cold Extracted Abalone Collagen with Abalone Peptide in Pomegranate Juice)

Easily consumed, no fishy odor, supplemental
• skin nourishment, anti-wrinkle, skin                           
• bone and and cartilage maintenance, 
  joint-pain relief 
• brain functionality, improves memory and focus, reduces 
* Antioxidant

Superior Product from a Research and development collaboration between Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd. and Integrative Complementary Alternative Medicine Research and Development Center, ICAM of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand; under licensed technology from Agricultural Research Development Agency, ARDA.

With quality and safety guaranteed, AOVA Collagen received National Innovation Awards from The Ministry of Science and Technology in Thailand for 2 consecutive years.

Serving suggestion
• Cold extracted collagen             from  abalone
• Peptide from abalone
• Concentrated Pomegranate    Juice from Italy

• 1 – 2 bottles daily, with          empty stomach
• Keep chilled for better          taste and shake well              before drinking, finish            bottle after opening
• Avoid in case of              allergy to abalone and    other specified                ingredients
• Keep refrigerated,        avoid direct sunlight

Why "Cold extracted collagen from abalone"?

Collagen in the general market are extracted using a process which involves high temperature. This destroys the bioactivity of collagens, degrading them to gelatin – mostly used in confectionary. Cold extracted abalone collagen is extracted with the absence of heat. This retains the collagen's bioactivity which help in skin rejuvenation, and the method is used in medical industry.

Why "Peptide from abalone"?

Abalone peptide assists in brain functionality, improves memory and focus, reduces anxiety.

Why "concentrated pomegranate juice from Italy" ?

Concentrated pomegranate juice from Italy has a distinct sweet and savory aroma, rich in anti-oxidants (Super antioxidant: Gill et al.,2000) and high phenolic compound (Seeram et al.,2005) which helps in leveling blood pressure (Aviram and Dornfeld,2001). Also contains Vitamin C which helps in tissue regeneration of ligament, tendon, cartilage.

Superior Collagen Quality from Abalone than other kinds of collagen. WHY!

a). Use Cold Extraction. Keep ability to stimulate the collagen generating in our body.
b). Remain triple helical abalone collagen structure for stimulating collagen generating cell.
c). Stimulate fibroblast cell leading to skin firmness and smoothness than normal collagen.
d). Wound healing by triple helical abalone collagen

World Class Manufacturing Standard & Many Winner Prizes (Thailand and International)

Our professional factory is an integrated manufacturer covering Abalone breeding & Cultivation, Abalone Cold Extraction Department and fully-automated manufacturing drink. We obtains many world class manufacturing standard; i.e. ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, HALAL. This includes the certification from Department of Fisheries Thailand on the  good aquaculture practice.

Phuket Abalone Group was accredited and recognized with the Winner Prize of the National Innovation Award for Economic Contribution in 2008 and also the Top Ten Innovation Business 2010 from National Innovation Agency (NIA) of Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. Also, the silver medal award from the China International of Inventions went to us.

Well Recognition

AOVA Abalone Collagen Drink  has participated in many top rank of Thai television shows;  several popular movie stars were the big guest. Additionally, AOVA Drink gains well awareness and high recognition among Thai consumers given the proven superior product quality for better health with value for money in an affordable price.

Packing & Delivery

Fully-automated Sterilized Machine

Carefully sterilize each bottle with heat. No human touch preventing infection.

Close Circuit Production Line

Bottle by bottle lining up for filling drink and sea thru machine production.

50 ml. per bottle

Preserve high  ingredients quality with sterilized brown glass bottle. Quality Control team regularly test product quality aligning with our standard before packing into the box.

6 bottles per box

Keep away each bottle safely with hard paper double partition lock. 6 bottles stand independently without hitting each other. Plus plastic wrap outside box.

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