ЭКСКУРСИОННЫЙ ТУР: ваш Дальний Восток России

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Product Description

Excursions in the art park "Shtykovskie prudy"

Tour "Discover your Primorsky Territory"

Day 1

Meeting at the airport
Transfer to Vladivostok
Check-in a Hotel (2-3 person per room)

Day 2

10:00 City sightseeing tour
A visit to Privokzalnaya Square, the railway station (the first railway station in Vladivostok, was built in 1894 according to the design of the architect A. Bazilevsky).
Locomotive Ea - 3306, produced in the USA in 1944. Assigned to the First River Depot. Decommissioned in 1995. Established in 1996.
Kilometer pole 9288 (Stela, built on the platform of the railway station in Vladivostok, symbolizes the finish of the Trans-Siberian Railway.)
Sea terminal (Sea terminal is located in the historical center of Vladivostok, where the Transsiberian railway, the longest around the world, stretches for 9288 km and approaches the coast of the Sea of Japan).

Visiting the Korabelnaya Promenade
The Triumphal Arch of Tsarevich Nikolay (one of the most beautiful architectural structures of Vladivostok at the intersection of Svetlanskaya and Peter the Great streets). Built in 1891 in memory of the presence of Tsarevich Nicholas II in Vladivostok, who was the last Russian czar, the Russian Empire).

Memorial submarine "S-56" (without entering the museum) (a real submarine, a unique museum of its kind in Russia, "S-56" was the first effective Soviet submarine in World War II, and in 1953 the first from domestic made a world tour).

Memorial complex "Military Glory of the Pacific Fleet" (one of the significant sights of Vladivostok.) The memorial dedicated to the Second World War includes eternal fire, a bas-relief with battle scenes, a memory book with the names of life-giving ships and the museum complex Submarine C-56. This is a venue for solemn rallies, minutes of silence on Victory Day, the day of the end of the Second World War, the day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, and other special dates)

14:00 – 16:00 Lunch at the restaurant «Lozhki-Ploshki»
Visiting the Tokarevsky lighthouse. The Tokarevsky Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Far Eastern seas and the Peter the Great Bay. Built in 1876. The lighthouse tower is stone, round, 11.9 meters high, on an octahedral foundation, built in 1910. Also from the lighthouse there is a beautiful view of the Russian bridge connecting the city with the Russian island, and thrown across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

The central square (the central square of the city or the square to the Fighters for Soviet power in the Far East is considered the hallmark of Vladivostok and also the heart of the city. A monument to the Fighters for Soviet power in the Far East is set up for parades, demonstrations, opposition rallies, rock concerts, fairs, competitions street basketball and much, much more).

Hill "Eagle's Nest" (the highest point of the historical part of the city of Vladivostok, here is a monument to Cyril and Methodius. The sculpture is a figure of two brothers with a cross and a primer in their hands. The hill "Eagle's Nest" is a unique natural viewing platform. From here you can admire a beautiful view, breathe the sea, look at the mists or at the Golden Bridge glowing at night.
Dinner (Chinese cuisine)

Day 3

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 – 13:00 Visiting the Oceanarium + Dolphinarium on Russky Island (The Oceanarium has a total area of 37,000 m². There are expositions and scientific laboratories. In addition, the Primorsky Aquarium includes a building complex, an engineering building, and a zone of engineering structures and the protection of historical and cultural monuments (fortifications of the island). In the left wing of the aquarium there is a main reservoir with a 70-meter underwater tunnel for visitors. In the east there is a dolphinarium with an arena and stands for spectators. The total volume of water in the ocean Arium - almost 25 000 cubic meters. In the main building 135 aquariums for 500 species of fish and mammals are installed.

13:30 Lunch at the Oceanarium (for extra charge)
17:00 Visiting Far East University
Dinner (Chinese cuisine)

Day 4

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 All-day tour
Visiting the museum educational complex "Paleoderevnya"

The open-air museum located in the territory of the Partizansky district. This tourist complex, formed on the basis of the archaeological camp, which is engaged in the excavation of the Catherine Settlement.

In the 13th century, Jurjens lived on this territory. And now we can get in touch with a piece of this ancient history in modern times. In the forest glade, archaeological and ethnographic materials were used to recreate the homes of primitive people from different eras, from Paleolithic to medieval.

Currently, theatrical festivals, interactive tours and workshops are held in Paleoderevnya.

Visiting an ostrich farm.

Ten years ago, a former ship mechanic, now retired Valery Korolev, brought three South African ostriches to his private house, and heat-loving animals perfectly settled down in the city of Fokino.

An unusual ostrich farm raised a total of 38 birds. Large birds peacefully coexist with chickens and ducks, they eat well, carry eggs, molt and do other important things. In the farmstead of the Queen is equipped with a spacious aviary. Night birds in the barn. In one day, an adult ostrich eats 2.5 kg of grain. Will not give up and cabbage. Carrots with beets - also included in the diet of overseas birds.

Every day for the owner is "Russian extreme".

Every day at this farm is "Russian extreme". Ostrich males are very jealous and constantly pinch their host when he feeds females. Valery Korolev 's morning begins with the feeding of birds. Males show strong aggression towards him, widely flapping their wings, trying to win the attention of the females.

Ostriches live about 75 years and distinguish moving objects at a distance of 3.5 km. Meat and eggs are not all that can be obtained from an ostrich. His skin is very much appreciated, and lately his feather.

You can enjoy the beauty of strange birds by visiting an ostrich farm in the village of Fokino. Today, anyone can come here, take memorable photos and listen to stories about ostriches.

Visiting the Primorsky Safari Park (transfer 2 hours)

(Safari Park is a wonderful area of wildlife that allows you to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Ussuri taiga and observe the life of animals in their natural environment. Safari Park is 8 hectares of forest divided into four Parks: Tigers Park, Ungulates Park, Park of Prey, Bird Park. Primorsky Safari Park was originally organized as the "Wild Ungulate Safari Park". It was opened on February 7, 2007 by the Amur Tiger organization. (transfer 2 hours)

Visiting the art park "Shtykovskie prudy".

(For residents and guests of the Vladivostok city, visiting this wonderful park can be a real adventure. It is difficult to name it a park. "Shtykovskie prudy" (Primorsky Territory) is a huge recreation center, which has everything your heart desires in summer. At any time, the base is a favorite family holiday destination for thousands of people).
Dinner (Chinese cuisine)

Day 5

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 All-day tour
Russian children's recreation center "Ocean"
Tour of the camp, meeting with Russian schoolchildren. The Russian Children's Center "Ocean" is one of the children's camps of Russian importance along with Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok" (Tuapse), the entertainment center "Artek" (Crimea) and the Russia Children's Center (Anapa). The center is located on the shores of the Sea of Japan. "Ocean" is the Pearl of the Far East of Russia, it is one of the best children's centers in Russia.
Lunch at the "Ocean".

The Museum of Military Equipment and Automotive Engineers in Sadgorod (a unique museum of automakers and military equipment created on the basis of the military-patriotic club "Technics of the 20th Century in the Primorsky Territory." The museum's collection includes about 100 exhibits, each of which is in original condition and in working condition! )

At extra charge.

The museum has the opportunity to travel on an armored personnel carrier, military jeeps or civilian cars of the 30s and take pictures in Soviet military uniforms.
Dinner (Chinese cuisine)
Return to the hotel

Day 6

Breakfast in the lunch box.
Departure from the hotel
Transfer to Border

Charges Included in amount:

1) Food according to the program: lunch in the cafe-restaurant "Lozhki-Ploshki"

2) Excursion service according to the program: city tours + entrance tickets: Museum Memorial submarine "C-56", Oceanarium + Dolphinarium, museum-educational complex "Paleodrevnya", ostrich farm, Primorsky Safari Park, art-park "Shtykovskie prudy", Russian Children's Center for Recreation"Ocean ", the Museum of military equipment and auto-stars in Sadgorod.

3) Guide-translator

4) Transport service according to the program: in the city 6 hours a day

Additional info

Price of the tour:

- 125$ (15+1)

- 150$ (19+1)

The price does not include:
1) Accommodation
2) Return tickets (due to the fact that the point of departure of the group is not known yet)
3) Food
4) Extra Excursions

Note: the program can be planned according to your desire!

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