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Our business has been producing schnapps and liqueurs in Bavaria since 1971 using recipes dating back to 1900. Our Schnapps and liqueurs are distinguished by their naturalness, and with modern equipment and traditions of Bavaria-it allowed us to bring this product to life! We have an eco-friendly agrarian site where all the fruits are carefully hand-picked for quality. We do not use chemical ingredients or additives. For the production of one liter of schnapps; we use from 20 to 30 kilograms of fresh, peeled fruits. The distilling process takes from 3 weeks to 2 years and we brew our schnapps in steel tanks. Original fragrance and strength make our beverage unique in its purity. We cherish our traditions and constantly work on our collection of recipes. Schnapps is consumed at room temperature and it is important to give it time to fully reveal its aroma, therefore we do not recommend cooling the schnapps before use. Our company has been conducting tours for our guests and our product range is more than 100 units of snacks, liqueurs, and cocktails. Our selection provides cocktails that can be served immediately to guests, they have their own unique packaging, therefore are easy to use! Enjoy your drinks!
These are schnapps of assorted fruits and berries of the Bavaria region. We use only high-quality fruits with a base of raspberry and apple schnapps. After three distillation stages, we maintain our schnapps and fruit brandies in steel barrels from one to two years. At this time there is maximum saturation of the drink with the aroma and taste of the main ingredients. We recommend putting a slice of apple or pear in a glass when making a cocktail.
Our products are:
schnapps raspberry (38%)
schnapps pear Williams (38%)
schnapps apricot (38%)
schnapps plum blue (38%)
schnapps plum yellow Mirabel (38%)
schnapps blackthorn (38%)
schnapps cherry (38%)
schnapps pear (38%)
green apple (38%)
schnapps nut (38%)
schnapps hazelnut (38%)
schnapps Bavarian bitter (38%)
schnapps fruit mix (36%)
schnapps fruit mix (32%)
Brandy raspberry (38%)
brandy pear Williams (38%)
brandy apricot (38%)
brandy plum blue (38%)
brandy plum yellow Mirabel (38%)
brandy blackthorn (38%)
brandy cherry (38%)
brandy apple pear (38%)
brandy green apple (38%)
brandy nut (38%)
brandy fruit mix (36%)
brandy fruit mix (32%)
Herbal liqueur (30%)
blueberry liqueur (25%)
plum liqueur (25%)
sea-buckthorn liqueur (20%)
blackthorn liqueur (20%)
peach liqueur (18%)
rhubarb vanilla liqueur (15%)
Enjoy your drinks!


For the preparation of our nutty liqueur, we use our oldest recipe. The unique taste is achieved by pre-caramelization of nuts before combining them with the liqueur. In this process, the nut observes the liqueur and continues to give its flavor and aroma to the drink, whilst the liqueur becomes very vibrant. We recommend you to try our nutty liqueur in a shot because it is ‘short and sweet’! Enjoy your drinks!

"Fast & sweet"
We offer you this delicious liqueur in our unique packaging. It is very convenient at parties or when you need to quickly treat your guests, it's short and sweet’! It comes as a ready-made raspberry cocktail as a shot! The berries inside make the drink interesting. The liqueur is very rich when berries give off its aroma and taste to the liqueur. We use only natural products. Try our liqueurs! Enjoy your drink!




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