Быстрый Лайм-высокое качество мин 90% CaO-топ продаж из египта

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Quick Lime/Calcined Lime /Burnt Lime/Calcium Oxide -Cao

We're Mineral For Industry (MFI) and Top Trade Way (TTW) in Egypt, one of the largest and professional manufacturers of quick lime powder and lump lime (CaO), lime stone (CaCO3). With over 10 years experiences, we're now the main provider for most/large corporation in Egypt in the field of agriculture, environment, metallurgical industry, paper and pulp, chemical industry.

It is a high quality quicklime (Calcium Oxide) produced by lime calcination plant, then segregated into 3 different size 0 to 10 mm, 10 to 25 mm and 25 to 60 mm. The limestone that are sized 25 to 60mm goes through a double shaft kiln using natural gas.

The limestone's combustion occurs then preheated in countercurrent flow, finally, recovering the heat from the waste gas before it leaves the kiln.
Our calcination plant is equipped with the cutting-edge packing and palletizing systems allowing us to provide a cleaner environment and provide to our customers an incomparable product delivery experience.

Quicklime powder (calcium oxide)
is made of high quality limestone burned into lime blocks at high temperature and refined by a ball mill. It can be supplied with various specifications of lime powder according to customers' requirements. It has high CaO content, good whiteness, low sulfur content and over 400 activity.


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