Витамин С и супердисперсный железная добавка, сделанная в Италии, инновационная и высокая

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

Contains Sunactive® Fe, a super-dispersed micronized pyrophosphate based iron with high bioavailability and Vitamin C.




Source of high bioavailability and slow release iron thanks to nanoparticle technology (Sunactive®)

High gastric tolerability, no unpleasant taste and odor

Addition of Vitamin C to further improve absorption
30 MG
Vitamin C
80 MG
Raw Materials

High-dose D-mannose, purified nucleotides RIBOLIFE and Cranberry titrated in HPLC complex, indicated as an adjuvant in treating and preventing acute and recurrent cystitis and fighting irritative urinary symptoms. 

How to use

We recommend taking one tablet a day with water.

Our Company

Deltha Pharma was born with the idea of exploiting the latest technological progress, to offer the best of nature at the service of man.

This is why our natural food supplements have unique characteristics: innovative raw materials obtained with new technologies, titrated and standardized; dosages of active ingredients significantly higher than the average of the reference market, combined with the absence of the side effects typical of pharmacological treatments.

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