Натуральное Масло Семян камелии

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Specification of Camellia Oil:                           

Transparence and odorClear light yellow liquid with light tea seed smell
Color (Lovibond tintometer 25.4mm)Y10~40, R4
Insoluble impurities (%)0.05max
Density (20°C)0.912~0.922
Refractive Index (20°C)1.473~1.480
Value of acid (mgKOH/g)1.0max 
Saponification Value (mgKOH/g)190~200
Peroxide Value (mol/kg)6max
Moisture and Volatiles0.10%max
Cold testclear after 5.0hours at 0°C
Free fatty acids (mgKOH/g)0.20max

Fatty acids contains of camellia oil :                    

Stearic acid1.5~3.5
Palmitic acid8.0~10.0
Oleic acid78.0~86.0
Linoleic acid7.0~10.0


Benefits of camellia oil:                                          

Camellia oil have rich vitamin A and B, and dosen‘t contain any cholesterol, synthetic flavoring and preservatives. With it rich index of mono-unsaturated fatty acid, it stands out among many other vegetable oils and is named pure natural green health protective food. Persistent use of it will be helpful for lowering the blood fat, preventing the coronary disease and high blood pressure, and enhancing the body's anti-oxidation capacity, helping women become fine after bearing a baby. The oil's digestive absorption rate of human body is 97 percent, which is much higher than the rate of other cooking oil.

Usage of camellia oil:     

1.Culinary use

 Apply a spoon camellia oil when cooking. It is looks fresh, taste well, no pectin and little oil lampblack during cooking. It is an ideal seasoning for cold salad without any peculiar smell.

2.Cosmetic use

Used in baths, washing and hair protection, applied on the face, neck and hands. As a compound of the oily phase, camellia oil has excellent skin and hair conditioning properties. It moreover presents skin restructuring and moisturizing virtues and is also used for its nail strengthening property.


Camellia oil is a favorite traditional tool treatment among both samurai and woodworkers, used both for preventing corrosion and for easing chisels and knives through their work. Light and odorless, the oil is non-staining and doesn't affect glue-up.Use a light wipe on all your steel tools to keep them clean and shiny.


Packaging for  Essential Oil: 30ml /50ml/100ml amber or green glass bottles pasted with customers' label sticker, wrapped with bubble wrap sheet;

1kg/5kg special plastic bottle;
25kg/180kg iron drums

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze. Keepaway from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: two years when properly stored

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