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LIVE cold water Spiny Lobster


Description: Fresh live Spiny Lobster/ Fresh live Chilean Spiny Lobster

Specie: Jasus frontalis

Presentation: Live

To Be Consume: Raw/Cooked

Quality: Premium Sashimi grade

SIZES 700-900grs, Season: October to May

Harvest Method: Artisanal environmental friendly Trap Caught.


Product Specification

Quality: wild premium, cold water live spiny lobster, all natural.

Meat : firm texture and mild flavor

Weight: live spiny lobster 700-900 grs, 900-1200 grs, 1200-1500grs, 1500-2000, 2000 up

Mortality Estimate: 8%




Primary: Styrofoam box, wooden chips and absorption paper

14,5 Kilo boxes +/- catch weight

Minimum Order 500 kgs


Storage: 10 °C -15 °C

Shelf life: 50 hours maximum time from origin tank to destination tank

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