Phonics детский набор 1 XY1806 детская книга для чтения с ручкой для чтения

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Product Description
Kids Reader Reading Book with Reading Pen Phonics Kids Set 1 XY1806
-Learn 300 vocabulary
-Designed according to children development
-A comprehensive learning plan
-To build up Phonics concepts
-To enhance reading and spelling skills

Details Images
A comprehensive syllabus
Phonics Kids series consists of two sets. For junior and senior phonics learners respectively.
1A&1B:The Alphabet
Introduce 26 alphabets and 52 related vocabulary
26 Chapters, each chapter includes 3-4 activities
1. Trace the Letter:The shapes and directions along with the CD help the kids to learn the letters by tracing letter shapes.
2. Chant with Me:Chant with beats and melodies to help kids learn to read easily.
3. Color Fun:The letter shape coloring exercises help the kids to reinforce the impression of the letter shapes.
4. Circle the Letters:More exercise for letters recognition.
2A&2B:The Consonants
Introduce 21 Consonants, and the relation to the alphabets
21 Chapters each chapter includes 3 activities
1. Point and Say:Pointing with rhythm, memorizing the sound and printing of words.
2. Drawing Fun:Simple exercises for consolidation and assessing learning outcome.
3. Chant with Me:Practice the phonics rules with chants and rhymes.
3A&3B:The Short Vowels
Introduce 5 Short Vowels
5 Chapters for a,e,i,o,u, each includes:
A. Pronunciation
1. Point and Say:Children point to the letters and the pictures, and try to say the sounds and words.
2. Drawing Fun:Simple exercises for consolidation and assessing learning outcome.
3. Chant with Me:Practice the sound of short vowels by chants and rhymes.
B. Blending Practice:Introduce 3 word families for each short vowel, and work with the consonants they’ve learnt on book 2, then
put word families into short sentences.
C. Sing with Me:Children sing and rhyme, and practise the sound they’ve learned.
Product Paramenters
Product Content
1* Reading pen
1* USB cable
6* Books
3* DVDs
3* CDs
Recommended Age Group
No. of Words
more than 300
No. of Audios
more than 1000
Year of Publication
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2. Add extra protective layers to the carton
3. Fill the space to ensure no shaking inside the carton
4. Seal the carton tight and secure.
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