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Product Description

Oil absorbent for oil spill response (Absorbent ARCTIC)

The Oil absorbent ARCTIC is highly effective absorbent for oil spill response on a water surface and the soil. 

The natural peat absorbent is 4 times more effective than a synthetic absorbent!

The peat absorbent ARCTIC is produced from ecologically clean raw materials – poorly decomposed (up to 15%) of sphagnum peat moss free from radiological and toxicological contamination.

According to the developed production technology, 
The Oil absorbent ARCTIC is subjected to special heat treatment to a humidity of 18-24%, then crushed to a fraction of 0.5-9.0 mm. Oil absorption is 8-10 g of oil per 1 g of absorbent, the time of oil saturation to the limit value of 5-10 min, the period of oil preservation in the absorbent volume excluding its spontaneous flow is not limited, buoyancy is not less than 72 hours, selectivity to oil in the oil-water system is 90-95%.

After use (saturation), peat absorbent is utilized in boiler plants as a high-calorie secondary fuel or by combustion in special prepared open areas without damage to the environment.

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Packing & Shipment

Packing: polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner, volume of bags – 70 liters, weight of bags 10 kg. Oil absorbent ARCTIC is transported on pallets. On 1 pallet 42 bags weighing about 450 kg are placed. Delivery is carried out by sea containers and auto trucks.

Min lot: 1 x 40 ft sea container (22 pallets, 924 bags) or truck (24 pallets, 1008 bags).

Shipping terms: FOB, DAP, CIF, CFR

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