8 в 12 из контроллером видеодисплея 4U шасси процессор с видеостены программного обеспечения, поддерживающего несколько выходной сигнал соусом

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Product Description

Strong Compatible, Smart Configuration

Videowall Processor is a flexible, extendable video splicing processor that can receive multiple signal inputs and multiple signal outputs. It max supports 144ch input or 144ch output. Customers can make any combination according to the requirements.

Simultaneously processing multiple UHD images

It supports multiple UHD input interfaces, and the single port supports UHD resolution up to 3840x2160@60hz. It can easily display UHD signals on multiple screens and enrich and improve the display content of single system screen.  

Multiple Control Method

The Video Wall Controller comes with TCP/IP control card and embedded network control interface, which can realize multi-user and multi-platform management and setting of devices with differentiated permissions, and support the control operation of IOS, Android, Windows and other intelligent systems.


1.Pure hardware structure, no internal operating system, no system crash, virus infestation, compatibility and other problems, allowing frequent switch on and off, quick starting up (no more than 5s).
2.Output support DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, VGA and other signals;
3.Meet kinds of signal format input, support DVI/HDMI/VGA/SDI/AV signals, and support 4K signal;
4.Support signal source group, it can control multiple video wall groups with different resolution. It is with function of windowing, overlay, stretching, scaling, PIP and roaming.
5.Support local monitoring. In the control room, it can real-time monitor video wall screen through local monitor;
6.The input card and output card support hot plug and plug, and allow the system to replace and upgrade the card in the case of continuous power.
7.Support HD Point-to-point vector subtitle display;
8.Support ultra hd static base map display;
9.Support information publishing function
10.Support video wall grouping mode, max support 4 groups split screens. .Each group of screens can independently set parameters such as resolution,row and column, and support independent storage and invocation of scenes.
11.Support sync technology, screen sync switches seamlessly. .
12.Support video signals fold lines, to make picture bright and smooth.
13.Supports storage for scenarios. Network port and serial port rs-232 communication control, and control protocol is opened; 


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