Новое поступление 2019, модное стоматологическое оборудование, экономичное красивое стоматологическое кресло, самая низкая цена, ever DC19T

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2019 new coming fashionable dental equipment / Economic beautiful dental chair lowest price ever DC19T:


DC19T-real goods 2.jpg

Product Description

Cheapest ergonomical designed Dental Chair /High grade integral Dental Equipment DC19T:


DC19T-real goods1.jpg


 * Main advanced features for this new dental chair:


(1) 13 keys control panel: with additional buttons for x-ray film viewer, operation light, spitting position setting and zero position control.

Full function control panel: X-ray film viewer in design, with spitting position setting, operation light control, x-ray film viewer control, zero position control and emergency position(-5o) control.




(2) 6 LED sensor operation light

More tender light: 6 light source with 4 white and 2 yellow; Easy switch of yellow light mode, white light mode and mix light mode; Super clear light spot, brightness adjustable from strong to weak; Detachable and sterilizable handle.



(3) About the light arm, it is very flexible and easy to move.


(4) The operation tray: new design, detachable &easy clean handpiece holder block, and comfortable tray handle.




(5) Self-developed foot peddle with cuspidor flush and cup filling function, with fixed metal handle.



(6) About the metal surface treatment, powder coating like the middle price chair.

(7) About the inner tubes, high quality tubes for water, air and drain tubes, which working life is longer.

(8) USB system: more stable signal.


 Standard Equipment:


*High speed air turbine handpiece tie-in 2sets
*Low speed air motor handpiece tie-in 1set each
*Three way syringe(cold and hot) 1 set
*Water strong suction & saliva weak suction 1 set
*Luxury 6 LED sensor operation light 1 set
*Ceramic spittoon 1 set
*Purified water-supplied system 1 set
*Dental stool 1 set
*Inductive air -locked rotary arm system 1 set
*Unique Multifunctional foot pedal 1 set
*Panoramic X-ray film viewer 1 set
*Comfortable backrest & seat 1 set
*High-grade adjustable headrest 1 set 


Optional for the dental equipment:

· Curing light

· Scaler

· Dental air compressor

· Intraoral camera

· Two-way or four-way high speed air turbine H.P.

· Two-way or four-way low speed air motor H.P.

· Genuine leather chair cushion 

Optional dental accessories for this dental chair:


Cozy comfortable high grade dental equipment / Noiseless DC motor dental chair price / progressive dental unit DC23Cozy comfortable high grade dental equipment / Noiseless DC motor dental chair price / progressive dental unit DC23

Client's Comments

 Our dental chairs are of high quality and excellent performance. Many of our clients speak highly of the dental units after using.



Cozy comfortable high grade dental equipment / Noiseless DC motor dental chair price / progressive dental unit DC23

Customer from UK: Hi Peter. The dental chair DC19 looks great. I am going to use it for my patients next week.
Customer from Iraq: Good day, Peter. The dental unit is working well and very helpful for me. One of my dentist friend like it very much and decide to buy the same model from you next week! I've already given your whatsapp number to him. Thanks a lot, lol
Customer from Kenya: Long time no see my brother! I've been busy with my new clinic all this time. I have used the dental chair for my patients this week and it performs perfect! Best wishes to you in the new year and thank you!
Customer from USA: How are you, my friend? The dental instrument is a big surprise for me, it's cheap but valued beyond its price, thank you so much. 


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Customer stories




Dental factory (14).JPG



Company Information


  11 years' profession


OneTech Med has become an integrated group with subsidiary factories, contribute to developing, producing & marketing advanced medical equipments including Latest Ultrasound Machines, B/W ultrasound, Color doppler ultrasound,3D/4D ultrasound machine, Dental units,Blood test analyzers and many other medical equipments. We have 11 years' profession in domestic market, and are aiming for oversea market this period of time. So we have much discounted prices for our clients and hope to establish long-term business relationship with our dear customers.

After-Sales Service

After-sale service

We provide a good after-sale service to our partners, if has product fault need to repair, please contact us, and we will cooperate with your engineers to try to deal the fault in the local firstly, so as to minimize the transportation and other cost. We will guide you how to deal the troubleshooting, and your engineers follow our guidance to solve fault. If need parts for replacement, we will send to you. If still can not solve the fault at last, please arrange to deliver the fault parts back to us for repair.

And in warranty period, you should be responsible for the freight of sending the fault parts back to us(You can send by postal the freight is low, the time is long we can deliver new parts for your use). And we will be responsible for the cost of repair and the freight of sending new or after repair parts to you.

Thanks for visiting our website, any more question please don't hesitate to contact us, your inquiry will be highly appreciated.

Aftersale service.jpg 

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