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Product Description

Electro Light Fire Starter, Charcoal Starter and Lighter, BBQ Smoker, Grill Starter

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1.PERFECT GIFT FOR GRILL MASTERS: This multipurpose fire starter quickly lights your charcoal grill, wood burning fireplace, campfire and more

2. QUICK AS A MATCH: Ignite your charcoal or fire in 2-3 minutes with this grill starter. This is the best tool to have when grilling, camping or just enjoying a fire in your backyard

3. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This charcoal starter lasts thousands of lights and is backed by a 2-year warranty

4. ELIMINATES LIGHTER FLUID: Uses nothing but super-heated air, which means your food will no longer taste like starter chemicals

5. SAFETY FEATURE: The built-in thermal safety switch cuts power to the unit when overheated and will automatically reset after it cools down, unlike other units that have a one-time fuse.

How to use

To Start:

Touch the tip to charcoal or wood and pull the trigger.

After 15-30 Seconds:

When sparks become visible, pull the tip back and let the blower fuel the flames.

After 2-3 Minutes:

The fire will be ready to go

When the trigger is pulled, a fan draws cool air into the ElectroLight and across a series of coils, producing super heated air at 1300°F to ignite your wood or charcoal. The blower on the ElectroLight fans the flames to keep the fire roaring.


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