Био-фильтр для очистки воды

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Product Description


What it is :

 Bio-filter  is a man-made bio-reactor,  drain off management using microbe activity to prevent water pollution in oceans, rivers, lakes, and marshes. In appearance, Bio-filter is a simple cord covered with countless rings of thread, made of polymers such as polypropylene, vinylon, polyvinylidene-chloride, binylon or nylon-polyester . Its unique properties thus provide a symbiotic culture bed for a wide spectrum of microbes.

 How it works :

 When Bio-filter  is manufactured, it leaves the factory with a slightly positive charge. Placed in water, it attracts microbes, which by nature have a slightly negative charge. The structure of the Bio filter also attracts the microbes. Because of this, Bio-filter is the choice media for microorganisms to live and grow on. The microbes adhere to the threads and perform biodegradation. This is done in a three-step process including an anaerobic step for optimum solids removal (instantaneous breakdown).

 Features and Benefits :

  • Does not require frequent cleaning due to the cords' ability to cast off accumulated solids via gravity while maintaining activity; resulting in water treatment that is more stable.

  • A properly designed system is 100% environmentally friendly.

  • The Bio-filter system can be included in the design of new or retrofitted to existing recirculation systems; this flexibility allows for site specific applications.

  • Increased amount of surface areas holds a large quantity of microorganisms per unit length compared to other bio-filter media; therefore less area is taken up by the bio-filter.

  • Inexpensive to operate and maintain. A four million gallon unit requires only a total of 30-hp and 2 hours per day of attention to ensure operational parameters. Due to the high solids removal, settling ponds lagoons do not have to be cleaned out as often.

  • 97% nitrogen and 98% solids removal with right chemistry.

  • By reducing the solids, you reduce the BOD (biological oxygen demand) therefore less oxygen is required, also lowers phosphorus and nitrogen levels.

  • Other advantages include: reduced odor and make up flow is decreased.

  • In fish applications it provides food for microbiological feeders as well as a substrate for eggs sacs (when deployed directly in the water column)

  • Effective in high sludge applications, up to 10% TSS (total suspended solids) such as fish farm settling ponds, hog lagoons.

  • Bio-filter is lightweight and void fraction is large therefore installation and maintenance is easy.

Typical Bio-filter Usage:

  • Public filtering plants - Office buildings, schools, homes, towns, etc.

  • Public institutions - Highway service areas, parks, surface water drainage ponds, landscaping/golf course ponds, etc.

  • Food factories - Breweries, fisheries, dairies, snack foods, etc.

  • Public eating places - Restaurants, hotels, fast-food shops, etc.

  • Deodorizing machines - Food factories, waste treatment plants, etc.

  • Waste filtering systems - Homes, apartments, etc.

  • Recycling water plants - Homes, building2 .jpg3 .jpgs, factories, etc.

  • Factory recycling water - Cooling/filtering systems.

  • Swimming pools - Filtering and elimination of NH3N.

  • Cleaning rivers and lakes - Expedite elimination of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

  • Pre-treatment of drinking water - Cleaning the water supply.

  • Farming/Ranching - Manure lagoons, etc.

  • Fisheries/Aquariums - Freshwater / salt water recycling systems, sludge pits, settling ponds.

  • Aquaculture industry - Hatcheries, nurseries, ponds, specific sites, etc.

Company Information







Q1: Do u supply sample ?

A1: we supply the free sample ,  but freight need paid by customers;


Q2: What is you MOQ for bulk production?

A2: Our MOQ is 5000 meters ;


Q3: What is you terms of payment?

A3: T/T(wire transfer) ,Alibaba Trade Assurance and Western Union etc...


Q4: What about the lead-time?

A4:  25-30days for bulk order


Q5: Do u received OEM? What kinds of file do you need if i want my own design?

A5: Yes, we can OEM; we need AI, PSD, PDF which is with very high pixel;


Q6: How do u ship the goods?

A6: If sample , we use Fedex, DHL, UPS and so on ;as for bulk products, we use LCL or FCl delivery to u;


Q7: How do u factory control the quality

A7: Quality is first important and priority!

1)  all raw material we used are environmental-friendly and BPA free;

2)Skillfull workers care every details in handling producing and packing process;

3)Quality control department pay close attention to the machine quality of each step.

Contact with us:

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