Торговые автоматы четвертого поколения для овощей с системой охлаждения, система депозита для фруктов, овощей, яиц и т. д.

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Product Description





Intelligent plastic bottle/ can recycling machine (customized)

Basic functions:

1. Rebate method: thermosensitive printing coupons, credits, app cash rebate, COINS, gift rewards (pencils, erasers, cookies, chocolate, mini dictionary, etc.)

2. The whole recovery speed: about 15 seconds, the recovery hole has anti-clamping hand induction

3. Identification method: bar code identification /shape identification/weight identification (built in)

4. Infrared sensor inside the barrel: alarm the background cloud system when the bottle is recycled to 2/3 of the barrel

5.IP/FTP camera, 2G internal inch card, remote control, mounted on the upper left

6.Wifi module covers 30-50 meters and can be used by up to 20 people

7. Background cloud management system: real-time update of the number, location, membership points and cash return management of bottles collected by each machine. Online management(option / more than 50pieces).

8. Touch screen(option)/15/17/19/21/29/32/45/48/55 inch screen

9. English + xx version of the operation interface ( be translated by the customer). Voice prompt for operation steps (in English)


Additional instructions:

1. Material: cold-rolled plate, galvanized plate

2. The sample is the assembled product, please provide cover plate if necessary

3. Pulley with lifting rubber wheel can be fixed or movable, and the number of movable pulley is 4

4. Power supply: battery, solar cell, AC220V,

5. Power consumption: about 0.1 kilowatt-hour,

6. Networking: wifi/4G

7. Bottle identification time: one bottle per second;

8. After-sales service: free spare parts (one-year warranty), remote debugging and dispatching engineers. 8-10 years of use is not harmful

9. Application: school, community, subway, airport,


Compression technology: independently designed compression structure to achieve 1:4 compression effect. It can hold 700-900 bottles

Electrical parameters

External input voltage and power: 100V~ 230V/40W

***  Technology supporting
The  engineer  has done international level project, missile control system. We are your best choice in terms of product development and cost

Packaging & Shipping

Our Supply Ability

500 Piece/Pieces per Month

Port:ShenZheng . GuangDong .China

Lead Time :Shipped in 30 days after payment


Our Services

our Services:

1.Free project solutions,product free parts 

2.The only company that can do what you want with a recycling machine,100% gurantee with high quality. 

3.Big data service and background cloud service 



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