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Pine nut 

Pine nut is rich in protein, carbohydrate and fat. 

Pine nut  fat is mostly unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, and it also contains trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. 

Pine seed is warm and sweet in nature. 

Pine nut  has the functions of nourishing yin, quenching wind, moistening lung, and sausage. 

Pine nut  can treat wind arthralgia, dizziness, dry cough, hematemesis and constipation. 

Healthy people's diet can reduce diseases and enhance physical fitness. 

The unsaturated fatty acids in pine nut kernels have a good effect on promoting the development of brain cells. 

Pine nut  is often regarded as the best choice for improving intelligence and brain.

People's habit of eating pine seeds originated more than 3,000 years ago. 

At that time, people realized the role of pine seeds in building a strong body and prolonging life. 

In the Song Dynasty of China, pine seeds were regarded as "evergreen fruits". Li Shizhen said in the Outline of Herbs: "Pine nut are sweet, warm and non-toxic. 

Pine nut mainly treats rheumatism of bone and joint, dizziness of head, dispelling rheumatism, moistening five Zang organs, deficiency of complement, moisturizing skin, wearing light clothes for a long time and lasting for a long time.


1.Moisturizing beauty

Pine nut  is not only rich in nutrition and fragrance, but also a good fruit with beautiful skin, skin and body. 
Because pine seeds are rich in "cosmetic acid" - linoleic acid and pino-astringent acid. 
Fat is an indispensable substance for fat-soluble vitamin absorption, which can protect human organs and maintain body temperature. 
Women's haggard face, rough skin, withered body and mind, if not caused by disease, may be due to lack of fat. Adipose stored under the skin can moisturize the skin, increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

2.Brain strengthening and intelligence improving

Pine nuts, also known as pine nuts and sea pine nuts, are not only delicious food, but also a good dietary and therapeutic food. Therefore, they are known as "longevity fruit" and are highly praised by doctors and nutritionists of all dynasties, which is closely related to their unique health care efficacy and nutritional value.

According to modern scientific analysis, pine nut is rich in fat, which contains linoleic acid, pinocchionic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids. It is a food with more unsaturated fat in the fruit of woody plants. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids for the construction of brain cells. They have the functions of perfecting brain structure, enhancing brain cell metabolism, promoting and maintaining brain cell function and nervous function. Therefore, they are indispensable nutritious food for children and adolescents to improve their brain and their growth and development. They are also good health products for middle-aged and old people to strengthen their brain and brain.

In addition, pine nut nuts contain calcium, phosphorus and iron, and also contain carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and nicotinic acid, etc. Teenagers and middle-aged and elderly people, eat 10-15 grams a day (such as diarrhea can reduce the dosage), can play a better role in brain and intelligence. In addition, children, adolescents and athletes often eat pine seeds in moderation, which also helps to supplement energy, increase endurance and anti-fatigue effect.

High quality brain nutritional supplements are especially suitable for people with brain overuse. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in pine nuts can enhance the metabolism of brain cells and maintain the function of brain cells and nerves. Glutamic acid content as high as 16.3%, glutamic acid has a good brain-strengthening effect, can enhance memory.

In addition, the content of phosphorus and manganese in pine nuts is also very rich, which has a good beneficial effect on the brain and nerve, is a good Brain-Building product for mental workers, and also has a good preventive effect on senile dementia.

Fuzheng Buxu, Runchang Tongfei - the most suitable for people with constipation due to deficiency. Chinese medicine holds that pine nuts have the functions of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, strengthening the body and tonifying deficiency, and are especially suitable for patients with body deficiency, constipation and cough. Particularly worth mentioning is that pine nuts relax the role of defecation, so it is particularly suitable for the elderly and frail, sick, postpartum constipation.

3.Anti aging and prolonging life

Pine seeds are rich in vitamin E, which has anti-aging effect. Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant. It can inhibit lipid peroxidation in cells and cell membranes, protect cells from free radicals damage, thus protect the integrity of cells, and maintain the normal functions of many important enzymes in cells. Therefore, vitamin E is known as "anti-aging vitamin". Many animal experiments have also shown that the accumulation of lipofuscin in cells is significantly reduced and the life span is significantly prolonged by moderately limiting the calorie intake of experimental animals and increasing the supply of vitamin E. In the Ming Dynasty, Mu Xiyong said that pine seeds "can be eaten in fairy prescriptions and fed with more baits, so they can stay young and never grow old." "

Pine nut has the function of preventing cardiovascular disease. The fat contained in pine nut is mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and pinocchionic acid. It can adjust and reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis. Polyunsaturated fatty acids can also reduce platelet aggregation and increase anticoagulation, so they can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis, and protect the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the elderly often eat pine seeds, can prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by increased cholesterol.

Pine nut has the function of moistening intestine and relieving constipation. Pine nut has the function of nourishing yin and moistening lung, nourishing fluid and smooth intestine, and relieving constipation. Because it is rich in fat, palmitine, volatile oil and so on, it can lubricate the large intestine and relieve constipation, slow diarrhea without damaging the vital energy, especially for the elderly, weak, postpartum constipation. Constipation can make toxic substances and carcinogens can not be discharged in time, and waste in the human body can not be discharged in time, but also affect the skin's smooth, moist, and become rough.

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