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Custom Price Electrical Wire Earthing Grounding Bare Copper Laminate

Product Description


copper laminate


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Laminated Copper Features:

MaterialT2 copper
FinishingTin plated
Width10mm to 120mm
Thickness2mm to 10mm

Our Advantages:


Excellent electrical conductivity.

High bonding strength.

Available for bending, drilling, stamping etc.

Pure T2 copper


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bare copper price

Flexible Copper Conector

Flexible connector made in high conductivity laminated copper foil . Flexible copper connector are using a press welding procedure where individual copper strips are fused through applying direct current as well as pressure .The process assures minimum resistance and helps in increasing current ,The service life as well as bringing a reduction in downtime. Further, these also come with superior mechanical & electrical properties at high temperatures. 

bare copper price


Copper Flexibles Braid 


Copper braided connector is precision manufactured from high conductivity ETP grade Copper wire in different diameters including 0.05mm 0.07 mm ,0.15mm,0.2mm ,the surface can be tinned or bare. These can be offered with contact areas comprising cold formed finish in solder less seamless tubular lugs that are put around braided strips. we can make the size acording to customer's requirement 

bare copper electrical wire



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bare copper electrical wire


Company Information


Chenmi Power Electric Co.Ltd 

is a professional manufacturer&trading company, which special in Flexible Copper Products for 15 years.

Our main products is copper braided wires,flexible connectors and earthing pits.

If you are intersted, hope you can contact us in time.


Producing Step:

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bare copper price




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