Тестер остатков пестицидов в фруктах и

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Pesticide residue tester in fruits and vegetables

Product Description

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NB-C16 Pesticide residue tester

Work principle

According to organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides, it can inhibit the activity of acetylcholine in the insect central and peripheral nervous system, causing the accumulation of acetylcholine in the neurotransmitter, affecting normal conduction, and causing insect poisoning to death. This insect toxicology principle is used in pesticides. Residual detection. If the vegetable extract does not contain organophosphorus or carbamate pesticides or the residual amount is low, the activity of the enzyme is not inhibited, and the substrate added in the test is hydrolyzed by the enzyme, and the hydrolyzed product is reacted with the added developer to produce colour. On the other hand, if the activity of the vegetable extract containing a certain amount of organophosphorus or carbamate pesticide is inhibited or partially inhibited, the substrate added in the test cannot be hydrolyzed by the enzyme or a little partially hydrolyzed. Color change or color change is small, and the inhibition rate can be calculated by measuring the change of the absorbance with time by a spectrophotometer, and it can be judged that the residue of the organic phosphorus or carbamate pesticide is contained in the vegetable.


Test item

  Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables



1. The test results can be qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative display results are the inhibition rate, and the quantitative results are mg/kg.


2, 7-inch large LCD backlight display screen, Android system is simple to operate, easy to upgrade.


3, Built-in GPS module (built-in, no external antenna required), real-time positioning of longitude latitude, accuracy within 5 meters.


4, Built-in thermal high-speed printer (no need to replace the ribbon) can print barcode, vegetable name, inhibition rate, pesticide content (quantitative), whether it is qualified, the date of detection, the detection unit (can be modified on the host), latitude and longitude , temperature and humidity, radiation and other parameters.


5, Can set more than ≥105 vegetable and fruit names on the instrument host


6. The light source self-test is performed when the instrument is turned on, and there is no need to manually adjust the light block.


7, Can store ≥ 180,000 pieces of detection information, automatically save data function, the stored data is not lost after power off, with a complete query statistics function.


8, Can set the reaction time and the upper limit of the qualified standard on the host


9. Simultaneously measure 16 samples, which can be measured simultaneously or separately. The host has a built-in micro-printer, which can report the pesticide residue data to the agricultural supervision information system.


10. Upload the stored data to the computer using GPRS or WIFI wireless mode. If equipped with a mobile phone card, you can send a text message to the mobile phone.


11, User management: In order to prevent misuse, the host built-in customer management system, the user can set the user name and password.


12. Data query: It can be checked according to the test date and test number, and the stored measurement data is deleted. Data can be deleted, deleted, printed, forward and reverse sorted, sorted by project name, filtered by date, and so on.


13, With voice guidance, broadcast function, can switch between Chinese and English.


14, The host standard test environment parameters, air temperature, humidity, dew point, etc., environmental parameters can be accessed at the same time can also be connected to the host separately, all measurement data display on the same interface (optional).



PC software features


1. It has the coloring warning function of qualified and unqualified;


2, With data statistics, basic data management, data management, data reports, graphical reports;


3. It can be inquired according to the inspection time period, variety, category, product list, inspection and inspection unit;


4, The software should have analysis, read, edit, manage, export, query, print and other functions;


Technical parameter





Inhibition rate display range

0 ~ 100%

Inhibition rate measurement range

 0 ~ 100%

Transmittance accuracy

 ≤ ± 1.5%

Transmittance repeatability

≤ 0.5%

Photocurrent drift

≤ 0.5% (3 minutes)

Detection limit of pesticide


Inhibition rate repeatability

≤ 5%

Detection time setting

0 ~ 9min arbitrary setting

Working environment

Temperature : RT-20℃;Humidity85%

Earthquake resistance


Instrument configuration


Instrument box: main unit, electronic balance, cuvette, communication software, pipette, power cord, etc.


Medicine box: triangular bottle, volumetric flask, funnel, measuring cylinder, reaction bottle, aluminum box, washing bottle, 1 set of medicine, etc.

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