Без электричества, портативный холодильник для мороженого, корзина с морозильной камерой

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Without Electricity Ice Cream Portable Chest Cooler Box Cart with Freezer

 cooler box

Product Description


Product information:


Item  JS-75L

  • External: 63x42x43cm

  • Internal: 56.8x35x40cm

Available Capacity  75L

  • Outer: plastic and aluminium alloy

  • Inner: PU

Inner vip thickness40mm
The thermal conductivity  <0.0025w/m.k
Cold Source  Custom ice brick


Cold chain transportation solution


PU insulation material for 24 hours ice cream storage


The following is the recommended solution according to the requirements


Outside material refer

PCM (-22 C)Insulation MaterialPrice without PCMPrice with PCM

38.5 x 20 x 2 cm

-7 pcs 


38.5 x 29 x2 cm

- 3pcs


The Above prices for reference. Please contact if have more requirement , for example: For long time transport (72hours, 100 hours)


Instructions for use


The First Step :  Freeze PCM in a at least -35 ° c freezer for at least 10 hours to ensure complete freezing.

The Second Step : Take out the Frozen PCM and place it around the Insulation box

The Third Step : Put in ice cream and food that needs to be cold storage, the last , place the top PCM and Cover the lid tightly



 Ice Cooler Box application:


Portable cool Boxes, are used to transport blood products, organs and pharmaceuticals that require stable temperatures to maintain their life saving and life giving properties.


Ideal For Transporting Medicines such as :



--Breeding Programs

--Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products

--IVD products and biological specimens

--Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products

 Ice cream Exclusive use cooler boxes

Vacuum Insulation Panel Features:


Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) is a kind of vacuum insulation material. The vacuum insulation panel is the world's advanced insulation material. The thermal conductivity is less than 0.003w / mk. The vacuum insulation panel adopts the principle of vacuum insulation, The core materials can be chosen from from super-fine fibre, short-cut fibre . Outside, it is sealed with aluminium film or composite aluminium fiber.It effectively free from air convection caused by heat transfer, thermal conductivity significantly reduced, so as to achieve better insulation effect.

And It does not contain any ODS material, has the characteristics of environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving, is currently the world's most advanced and efficient heat preservation material.


 Ice Cooler Box with Glass fiber - VIP can keep box temperature 2C-8C for 48 to 72 hours,even for a longer time.



Product Pictures


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Inner cold sourse:


Reusable Ice bricks, It is one of the main accessories In order to maintain temperature you want.

It can also according to customer requirements to custom different temperature of phase change material (PCM),for example 2-8degree C, -10degree C -15degree C -18degree C,-20degree C,-25degree C and so on.





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Company Information


 Changzhou Jisi Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd   

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