Порошок из титана и металла для аппарата для искр, расходные материалы

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We are as a manufacturer which focus on developing & manufacturing cold spark electronic fireworks sparkle machine, our company established in 2010 location is in "LiuYang" City Hunan China, where most Chinese well-known leading fireworks equipment manufacturers located.

We develop and produce electronic fireworks sparkler machine high quantity.Our factory has 100 labours and has many advanced production equipment ..This sparks machine  popular widely used for entertaiments area,wedding /party/hotels/concerts/discos/bars/DJ/clubs/exhibition business etc.

.Our products are exported to the United States, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, Estonia and so on all of the world.

Welcome domestic and foreign customers to order ! we will try to best service for you 
XG-20 L04 titanium metal powder
Power supply
AC220V/110V, 50Hz
Work power
Working Temp.
-10℃ ~ 50℃
Sparkle height
Sparkle style
control Interface
dual DMX input interfaces
Power supply interface
dual AC power Interfaces
control mode
wire / wireless

Safety * Environment friendly *Intelligent

*1.) Safety: 

Traditional powder no needed, spark is cold and can be touched, it is really replacement of traditional fireworks.

*2.) Environment friendly:
No pollution, there is no smoke & no smell & no garbage generated during machine's working.

* 3.)Intelligent:

Various sparkle effects are available, height & spray time of sparkle can be adjusted by controller etc.

Low consumption * Flexible 

*1.) Low consumption:
Only consumptive materials are needed for machine's working, and the machine is used durably, it is cost effective for customer.

* 2.)Flexible:
This sparkler machine can be used indoor or outdoor, it is movable and user can put it the right place they like.

Compatible * Easy for operation * Direct sales

* 1.)Compatible: 

This sparkler machine is controlled by international standard DMX mode, it is compatible with other stage equipments to make a composite stage effect. 

*2.) Easy for operation:
This machine can be operated easily via controller & following operation instructions. 

* Direct sales:
3.)We are manufacturer, we provide customers with product in reliable quality and satisfied after sales services.

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