Китай оптовая продажа розовый синий оранжевый белый красный серый зеленый фиолетовый волшебная глина для детейлинга автомобиля 100 г мойки

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China Wholesale Pink Blue Orange White Red Grey Green Purple Auto Detailing Magic Car Clay Bar 100g for Car Wash Cleaning
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100 grams per piece
pink, blue, orange, white, red, gray, green, purple, yellow

China Wholesale Pink Blue Orange White Red Grey Green Purple Auto Detailing Magic Car Clay Bar 100g for Car Wash Cleaning

Auto detailing clay is used to remove dust, dirt, industrial fallout, acid rain, and other contaminants from your car's exterior
surfaces. Known as "claying," the process involves removing particles that stick to the clay when it is rubbed along the car's
surface. Claying is most commonly used on paint, but also works on glass, fiberglass, and metal. When done properly, claying is
non-abrasive and will not damage your car.


1. Wash and dry your car thoroughly to remove as much of the dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface as possible.

2. Squeeze the clay in your hand until it becomes easily pliable.

3. Spray clay lubricant generously over the clay bar, Water will also work as a lubricant.

4. Slide the clay back and forth gently over the lubricated area using as little pressure as possible.

5. Add more lubricant if the clay sticks while you're trying to slide it or keep watering on the clay bar.

6. Fold the clay in half when it becomes dirty and knead it over itself until you have a clean surface.

7. Wipe the car using a clean microfiber towel.

8. Repeat the claying process, one section at a time, until the entire car has been clayed.

9. Apply a coat of wax or sealant, according to the instructions on the packaging, in order to protect the paint from corrosion
that can form in the tiny holes that had been previously filled with contaminants before claying.

What Grade of Clay Bar Should I Use?

Fine clay bars tend to be the easiest to use simply because the clay is softer. Fine clay is great for a lightly contaminated
finish, but not so great at removing things like sap and overspray. If you clay your car regularly, you shouldn't need anything
more than a fine grade clay bar.

Medium clay is more aggressive than fine and will almost certainly microscopically mar the surface as you're claying because it
weighs more. Medium clay, being more firm and dense, will remove stubborn debris and contaminants that fine clay cannot. For the
most part, when you clay with a medium grade clay bar you should always polish afterward.

Heavy clay bars really aren't recommended unless you're dealing with overspray or other hard to remove contaminants. While heavy
clay is often considered overly aggressive for clear coats, it is great on metal wheels and glass. Since these surfaces are much
harder than your car's paintwork, clay works just as good without as much harm. When it comes to paint, just be sure you
absolutely have to use the heavy grade bar by first trying medium or light clay to cure whatever is ailing your finish.

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