Хорошая рабочая машина для наполнения грибов

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Product Description

Good Working mushroom bagging machine oyster automated

Mushroom bagging machine oyster automated can be used for filling bag for cultivation mushrooms, white fungus, etc.

Characteristic :

1.Semi-automatic,Automatic Machine
2.Mushroom bag Length,Diameter,shape all can customized.
3.mushroom bag fill machine Can equipped with Mixer ,conveyor into production line
4.Can working in group,improve the working efficient
5.Different Model to meed client own request
6.Customized designs for customers .
7.Offer Turn-key service on Mushroom Growing Project.

3KW 220V380V
800 bag/hr
120*75*105 cm

Main Features

Mushroom bagging machine oyster automated can be adjusted the bag length and bag tightness.
Safe, high degree of intelligence, anti-inflation does not break the bag.
Bag machine use custom clutch, the industry's largest, increased thickening materials.
Better quality internal components, torque is four times larger than common.
More stable performance and long service life .

How To Work

Mushroom bagging machine oyster automated  Bag length :0-48 cm

Hold tube Size :15-16, 17-18 ,19-20,22-24,25 cm
The machine uses hold auger tube structure, modular design.
Dual electromagnetic clutch electronic structure.
Bagging 0-500mm be free to adjust tightness can be adjusted, double slider structure.
Easy operation simple, especially for mushroom, mushroom the long bag jobs.
With automatic Sealing supporting continuous operation.


It can be used to fill bag of many kinds fungus like Shiitake, black fungus , Button mushroom , 
Agaricus brunnescens , Velvet Foot , Paddy Straw Mushroom , Shaggy Mane, Oyster Mushroom.

Mushroom Bag Storage

Mushroom Growing 

Mushroom for Food

Mushroom for Food

Working Site
Packing & Delivery

Packing &Shipping :

Transportation:Shipping by LCL,FCL by sea transport.
Packing:Packing by export wooden box or loading by container.
Delivery Time:3-7 days ,after deposit,Special circumstance will notify.
About Shipping:we can be responsible for the shipping ,also accept client shipping agent.
Shipping port:Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin,Guangzhou etc.

Company Information

Anyang Ainuok With Rich Experience on Biomass pellet plant ,and wood briquette charcoal production plant.

1.Supplying Crusher ,Dryer,Mixer for prepare mushroom substrate for mushroom cultivation.

2.Offering Bagging machine for filling bag for growing mushroom.

3.Guiding for Recycle processing waste mushroom compost substrate ,To make mushroom compost into Wood Pellet,and Wood Charcoal .Make waste into value.

4.If have have waste wood ,if you want make money from waste,Welcome contact us .

5.We not only offering machine,also have technical support,turn-key service on project plan.

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