Портативный Легкий алюминиевый складной стул для пляжа с держателем для чашки

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Product Details

Product Type:
Camping Fishing Beach Chair
Fabric Type:
600D Polyester
Mental Type:
Aluminum Tube
Tube size:
0.9*24 mm / 1.0*24mm
Product open size: 
1065* 640*665 mm
Product close size:
1005* 640*125 mm
Weight Capacity:

Strictly Elected Quality Tube
Using excellent aluminum material as raw material, good processing performance, not easy to rust, high toughness.
Surface Treatment Process
The surface can be sandblasted, oxidized and colored, and the color and process can be customized according to your requirements.

Strictly Elected Quality Plastic Parts
Use PP material, non-toxic and harmless, in line with environmental protection standards, wear-resistant and compressive, fine
workmanship without burrs.

Preferred 600D polyester
Strong abrasion resistance, natural sag and tear resistance.

Fresh Sample
Sample after 44 Days Field Test

Fresh Sample
Please note that there will be a certain color difference between indoor and outdoor.
Sample after 116 Days Field Test


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