Разрушение озонового катализатора для возврата озонового газа к кислороду

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Product Description

Ozone Catalyst Destructor for turning Ozone gas back to Oxygen

This Ozone Destructor is made with high purity of ozone catalytic materials‍ for ozone generators.

It converts ozone into oxygen rapidly and without emitting any toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. It works in a very high efficient way, since it uses the true powerful ozone catalytic materials

What's more, it uses the Luer Lock Connector for quick coupling.

Ozone Catalyst Destructor
To turn ozone gas back to Oxygen
luers connector for quick connection
Grey end caps with transparent housing
Suitable Tubing
4*7 or 4*8mm silicon tubings
Packing & Delivery


YOUMO AQUAPURE  Ozone Catalyst Destructor for turning Ozone gas back to Oxygen

1>. Standard export carton packing
2>. 10~100pcs/carton box


1> samples------------within 2 days after payment arrive
2> batch orders-------2-30 days after payment deposit

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SS#304 Connector

SS#316 Luer Tape Connector

Our Company

AQUAPURE is a professional ozone generator and plasma generator manufacturer specializing in the R&D, design, manufacture and processing of ozone/anion products.

The AQUAPURE brand is originated in the city of Stuttgart in southwest Germany in 2002. To combine the Germany advanced technology with the Chinese lower labour cost and material cost, Chinese office was set up in 2009. Till 2011, the Chinese company named AQUAPURE CN LTD was set up at Shenzhen, China, as the R&D center and production/shipment organization center. Our engineers have very rich experience in ozone generators & plasma generators. We now have a series of high performance ozone generators with patents. We can design and manufacture products according to the customers' special demand.


Q: What's your advantage? Why we choose you?
1>. High Quality products and professional
2>. over 10 years experience, ODM, OEM available
3>. good price, fast shipments

Q: What's the Payment?
1> T/T
2> Credit card, Paypal
3> Western Union, L/C

Q: Do you make your own products or just a trading company?
1> we make our own products
2> we design them and make them
3> we offer ODM,OEM services

Q: How can I get some samples?
Just leave messages or send email to us , we will contact you within 24 hours .

Q: What is your warranty?
For all the standards products, we offer >1 year warranty.

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