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Lyphar Supply Good Price Antarctic Krill Meal

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Product Name: Antarctic Krill Meal

Appearance: Orange or brown powder

Assay: 98.0% min


Antarctic krill meal is processed by our drying technology with the pure Antarctic krill. Thanks to this advanced technology, our products can maintain the whole nutrient content of the Antarctic krill and can provide balanced nutrition for the special aquatic fishes. Astaxanthin contained in the krill meal is 40 times more than of the normal fish feed.  Antarctic krill is rich in potent low temperature enzymes which can promote digestion and improve the usage of the feed.



1) applicable to the additives of high-end aquatic feed, attractive for fishes. Improve survival rate of the fish with a fast growth rate.


2) used as bait with a significant effect of fish attract. It can also be used in the preparation of fish feed and the poultry feed.

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