Медицинская капсула блистерная пластина Cartoner машина фармацевтическая таблетка таблетки блистерная доска Cartoning машина

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260 carton/min

Total power

5.0 KW

Power supply

220/380V   50Hz

Requirements of carton

size range of carton:L(70-180)*W(35-80)*H(12-50)mm

Requirements of instructions

size range of instructions:L(80-250)*W(90-170)mm


range of folding times of instructions:1-4 fold


pressure intensity:≥0.6MPa


air consumption:120-200 L/min

Overall size of machine


Net weight of machine

about 3400kg


blister machine

The 260 tea bag cartoning machine vertical servo motor is a new good design and is one of the professional pharmaceutical machinery produced by RICH PACKING. Our 260 tea bag cartoning machine vertical servo motor function is packaging cartons, such as packaging capsules, tablets, small or large sachets, tea bags, daily necessities, facial masks, etc. 260 tea bag cartoning machine vertical servo motor use is very common. According to the your needs, you can interconnect the 260 cartoning machine tea bag vertical servo motor with a counting machine, a blister packaging machine and a sealing machine. 

260 tea bag cartoning machine vertical servo motor can meet the needs of any product, and can be packaged in a bag or box of a suitable size. These 260 vertical servo motor use the PLC processing systems to deal with solutions. The progress of all working tasks of the machine vertical servo motor is controlled by the intelligent CPU chip of the PLC man-machine system. 260 machine vertical servo motor has a forward-push feed design, which is easy for the customers to operate. So when using 260 tea bag cartoning machine vertical servo motor in the production process, workers can easily control and observe it. Even if any situation arises, the employees can easily solve is by 260 vertical servo motor.

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