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Glow In The Dark Road Stud

Glow In The Dark Road Spike

Glow In The Dark Cat Eye

Product Description

Road Type-Photoluminescent traffic sign is a new luminescent product researched 

and produced by our company onthe basis of long afterglow photoluminescent 

materials, combining with reflective technology and solar LED technology .


This series include 2 categories: Regular Long Afterglow Reflective Traffic Sign

(without independent excitation source) and Solar Long Afterglow Traffic Sign.


Below Catalogue list is Regular Long Aferglow Reflective Road Stud:




1. It not only has the reflective function of traditional ordinary traffic signs, but also has self-luminous function.

2. After 15-30 minutes of irradiation with visible light, the luminance brightness after 12 hours in the dark can reach 22 mcd/m2 or more, which is more than 10 times of traditional long afterglow luminescent products.

3. Its storing-emitting function can be used repeatedly, and it also has long service life.

4. This series of products has many advantages such as easy installation, no power supply, and high luminous safety factor.

5. They possess Excellent Reflective property, Fantastic Luminosity in dark and Stronger Pressure resistance.


This series of products is suitable for low-speed ordinary roads, especially roads without road lamps such as villages and scenic spots. According to the actual conditions of the road, individually continuous product or multiple combined products can be selected to be installed on road pavement or affiliated transport facility on both sides of road.

At night, its reflective function provides motor vehicle drivers with guidance instructions. The self-illumination function provides guidance instructions to drivers of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians traveling at night. This way greatly improves the road safety at night.


PR1F-12A-118   1 2m.jpgPR1F-12A-118   2 2m.jpgPR1F-12A-118   3 2m.jpgPR1F-13A-100  1 2m.jpgPR1F-13A-100  2 2m.jpgPR1F-13A-100  6 2m.jpgPR2F-11-112    3 3m.jpgPR2F-11-112   1 2m.jpgPR2F-11-112   4 3m.jpgtrack spike 2m.jpgreflective 2m.jpgfull 2m.jpg



ISO Certificate:

ISO 9001 2018-2.jpg


Packaging & Shipping

 1. Package:

Inner package: pack with transparent plastic film;
Outer package:pack with plywood case or pallet.

2.Storage: stored in ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse.


Our Services

 we offer OEM service, buyer labels service offered.


we offer free samples.


Besides the glow in dark aluminum sheet, we also produce all the related glow products based on the glow in dark pigment, for example:

Photoluminescent pigment

Photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyls

Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet

Photoluminescent aluminum/stainless sheet

Photoluminescent stair nosing

Photoluminescent Stone

Glow in dark low location lighting system, etc.



Company Information

 Why you chose our factory as your supplier?

1). 18years since 1998, experienced team work with you.

2). 4workshops, one research and develop center, cover 26625sqm.

3). Capacity: workshop I: 400,000 square meter per year for glow in dark film;

           Workshop II: 30tons per month for glow in dark pigment;

           Workshop III: 100,000 square meter per year for glow in dark PVC rigid sheet;

           Workshop IV: 100,000 square meter per year for glow in dark signs;

           Workshop IIV: 40,000Piece per Month for glow in dark road spike;

4). Delivery time: within 10days.

5).good quality with competitive price, we win a great deal of popularity and trust.

  Now our mainly market is in USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

The Sports Center of Chicago, Pairs Airport, Madrid Metro, and London Underground are just several samples that employed a multitude of photoluminescent products produced by MINHUI.



  If you still have questions, please contact us - we will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.

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