Жареная ячменная мука для диабетиков

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Product Description

Fried barley flour

Dalgan – a Tuvinian national product made of roasted barley and wheat.
Dalgan is the unthreshed sprouted grain of wheat or barley converted to a powdered form. This healthy food is ready for consumption, but it also can be used in various recipes for cooking.
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Sprouted grain is a real biological treasure containing powerful natural energy which not only satisfies your hunger but also provides the organism with all necessary nutrients. Dalgan includes a significant number of fibre that stimulates the bowels and has a beneficial effect on the skin. Dalgan also has regenerating effect: it heals wounds and ulcers.

It is an ideal food for diabetic patients and persons who suffer from choledocholithiasis, obesity, liver or kidney diseases and allergy patients.
Dalgan is almost immediately metabolized, and after a short period, it saturates the body with all elements required for immune system reinforcement and health support. Due to the sufficient content of dietary fibres in the bran coating, this product cleanses the body of toxins as well as prevents fermentation and decay processes in the bowels.

At present, Dalgan is in almost all stores of the Republic of Tyva. In the age of action, quick decisions and high employment, Dalgan is a useful substitute for unhealthy food such as fast food, sweets and pharmacological powders. At the same time, due to its small price, it is available to everyone.

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