Механические свойства Девы переработанных штапельного из полипропиленового волокна

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Mechanical properties about virgin recycled staple polypropylene fiber 

Product Description




Polypropylene Fiber Technique Parameters

Fiber type

bundled monofilament

Tensile strength

≥ 910Mpa

Equivalent diameter

 15μm (±5)

Specific gravity



 white / light yellow

Modulus of elasticity




Elongation at break



non-toxic materials

Heat resistance stability


Melting point


Alkali resistance

the retention of tensile strength is not less than 99%


2019 n


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Chongqing Roadbuilding New Material Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in research and development, production and sales on high-tech products as Asphart Flame-retardant Additive of runnels, Anti-stripping Additive of Asphalt pavement, plant Fiber, warm-mixed Asphalt Additive, Anti-rutting Additive of Asphalt Pavement, High Resilience Asphalt Additive and Waterproofing Binding Material of Bridge Deck.

Roadbuilding has established profound cooperations with Chongqing University, Chang' an University and a number of scientific and research institutes. Having passed the tests made by the domestic & abroad authoritative organizations, we have been successfully applied the products in construction of highways and municipal roads in cities and provinces like Chongqing, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Shanxi, etc.
In the 21st century, Roadbuilding will conduct more research and development work on new high-tech products based on ever-changing market trends and customer needs, provide quality products and best services for domestic and foreign customers and make sincere contributions to the development of road material industry in the world.






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