Безинструментальный коннектор для локальной сети Ethernet RJ45, экранированный коннектор для Cat7A Cat7 Cat6A Cat6 Cat5E кабелей, штепсельная вилка

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Product Description

Product Name : RJ45 Tolless Shielded Connector

Rj45 Connectors is mainly composed of two parts: plug housing + gold sheet. Rj45 connectors can be divided into network rj45 connectors and telephone rj45 connectors according to its use. Network rj45 connectors include five types of unshielded/shielded rj45 connectors and six types of unshielded/shielded rj45 connectors. This product is six types of non-shielded and non-beating rj45 connector.

Network connectors is used for data transmission interface, telephone rj45 connector is used for voice transmission interface, and it is suitable for end connection between field and connecting cable to realize the connection between equipment, jumper frame and module.

Product characteristics :
The rj45 connectors of this product is designed and manufactured according to international standards EIA/TIA-568B and YD/T926.1-2009. Compared with the requirements of the above transmission system standards, it can achieve higher reliability and has the functions of preventing loosening, self-locking and flexible plug-in and pull-out.

The shell material of the rj45 connectors is APS of high quality. The gold sheet material is phosphor bronze. The surface is treated by nickel plating. The thickness of gold plating on the contact is (inch), and the plugging life is more than 1000 times. It is suitable for terminal connection between field and connecting cable, and realizes connection among equipment, jumper frame and module.

The performance of the rj45 connectors meets the requirements of EIA/TIA-568B six types of wire.

This six types of rj45 connectors can be directly threaded by hand, the right sequence can be, tool-free operation, convenient and fast, for home office preferred.

Main parameters :
Industry standards: RoHS standards, ELV standards, FCC certification requirements.
Shell material: polycarbonate.
Shell fire protection grade: at least meet the safety requirements of 94V-0.
Terminal material: phosphorus bronze.
Contact area coating: gold plating 50μ (inch).
Ambient temperature: -40°C~+60°C
Working voltage: maximum 150V working voltage, working current is 1.5A at 25°C.
Durability: At least 750 plugs.
Tension strength to socket: at least 50N.
Voltage withstand strength: AC 1000V, 1 minute no breakdown and arc phenomenon.
Insulation resistance: minimum 350 MΩ.
Conductor contact resistance: not more than 20 mΩ.

Specification parameter :

Shell Material
PC/ABS + Pure Copper
Pin Material
Golden plate
over 1000 mating cycles
IEC standard
Temperature Range

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