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Product Description

Peach juice content 90%, ade to dilute by adding five times of water.


 Four flavors: Peach,Grape,Litchi, Red grapefruit




Company Information


Zhixi(Shanghai)Food Co.,Ltd founded in 2005,which is mainly engaged in the sales of coffee, beverages, dessert materials and equipment. It has several brand franchise stores, professional training bases, advertising planning and operation companies. It is a comprehensive operation enterprise with marketing planning, food and beverage menu research and development, food raw materials and equipment.


Our Services


Zhixi(Shanghai ) Food Co.,Ltd has developed into a major supplier of Chinese coffee, beverages and dessert materials and equipment ,which enjoy good reputation in the industry.With a high degree of grasp of the fashion catering concept and rich experience in the successful operation of the restaurant chain, it constantly pursues excellent system services, and strictly controls the quality, hygiene and safety of the products,it has became the best supply of coffee, drinks and desserts. 






About us :

Adress:No. 126-a, Jiapeng road, Jiuting town, Songjiang district, Shanghai          Tel:0086+15755162046


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