Новейшее устройство для нагрева табака без горения, испаритель для сухих трав, электронная сигарета QOQ Smart for heet

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2019 New Vape QOQ Not Burn HNB heat stick heating Kit 900 mAh Electric Cigarette

1. Hot-selling premium quality heating device, for **os and lil alternative.
2. Heat No Burn heated cigarette device.
3. Full metal body with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, makes it more durable, flexible and stable than plastics.
4. With a better heat radiation ,the metal kits also bring you a super puff experience with premium quality.
5. Dual temperature adjustment, the gadget can fit for various heat sticks.

6. Constant temperature without burning the heat sticks, It brings you a healthy , safety smoking with real taste.
7. High class ceramic pin for effective heating, with four wires connection for a better temperature checking.
8. With an integrated design, the device use metal with iPhone finishing and CNC processing.
9. Mix with PEEK type plastics, which has a better high-temperature-resistance than ABS or PC;
10. 240 seconds heating cycle time, make sure you can enjoy more than 15 puffs.
11. Can make a pause and continue the unfinished heat sticks when you come back.

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